The RAWSKi Plan


The RAWSKi  Marketing Plan

•  Provide immediate  exposure of your home by placing a “For  Sale”  sign on your property.

•  Recommend various ways to stage your house and improve   marketability.

•  Produce a detailed listing on the Multiple Listing Service,   including a minimum of eight photos of your home. Point out special   amenities and upgrades, with comments in the MLS remarks section. The   MLS is viewed by the entire real estate brokerage community.

•  Personal and professional networking to agents and others   throughout Montreal. Londono Realty Group has more than 100 sales associates, consequently many times buyers are found before the listing   even hits the market.

•  Place your home on Caravan tour to expose property to agents.

•  Distribute “Just Listed” postcards throughout your  neighborhood,  and appropriate target areas, to inform people that your  home is for  sale. Occasionally people in the neighborhood may be  potential buyers  or know someone who may be interested.

•  Help buyers with pre-approval and financing options.

•  Place advertisement in newspapers, and on websites, including

•  Advertise in Montreal Area publications.

•  Market to Montreal Area contacts.

•  Host open houses  if approved by owner. Report feedback from  buyers so we can revise our  marketing plan.

•  Keep you updated on closed sales in your neighborhood, as  well as  inform you of new properties that come on the market that may  have an  impact on the sale of your house.

•  Contact you several times weekly regarding the status of your   house.

•  Represent you upon the presentation of all contracts and  assist  you in the negotiating process.

•  Negotiate the best possible price and terms.

•  Oversee all paperwork (Deposits, Deeds, Inspections and   Appraisals).

•  Act as your liaison to the Notary to communicate your wishes   during the entire period that the property is under contract.

•  Monitor every contingency to make sure that the process of   transferring title is proceeding on schedule.

•  Keep you abreast of all status reports pertaining to the sale  of  your home.

•  Assist in solving any problems that may arise during the  process.

•  Assist you with the logistics of moving at the signing of the  Act  Of Sale so that the end result is a pleasant and rewarding  experience  for all involved.

•  Handle follow-up and keep you informed after the contract has   been accepted.




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