How to sell quickly

How RAWSKi can sell your home quickly and at a better price!

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Any agent can list a house for sale. Just fill  out a few forms,  place a little sign on the front lawn and then wait to  see if any  buyers pass by. This is a passive approach and in many cases it does not work at  all.  Just look around your neighborhood. There are so many homes for  sale,  and some have been on the market for many months. Clearly this  list and  wait approach is not the best.

Also, the market has been shifting. From 2009 to 20012 the Montreal   real estate market was very strong, but lately things have started to   cool off a bit. This is all the more reason to choose an experienced   agent with a proven track record to market and sell your home, rather   than a simple part time agent casually selling as a night job.

I am a full time agent, not a part timer. I dedicate all of my time   and effort to selling homes and finding buyers. I am an aggressive   dealmaker but a caring salesman, meaning that I will not pressure you   into things, but I will fight hard to defend your side of the deal.

I am available every day, 24 hours per day to answer any questions  or concerns. Some agents route all their incoming calls through the office, and if you’re lucky, they will check their messages once a day.   Not me; you call me on my cell phone, and I will answer. If I’m with a   client,  I will call back within 10 minutes. I practice the lost art of   professionalism.

I will actually market your home. I use Caravans, Open Houses, the   MLS, Client Contacts, Newspapers and Mailings to get the message across   to buyers.

I work hard so that you don’t have to.

I work efficiently so that you get the best price possible.

I work fast so that you can move on with your life.

I have a more affluent client base than most other agents. Meaning, I  will draw the high rolling buyers to your home. The kind of buyers  that  don’t want to haggle over a few hundred dollars or a broken  curtain  rod. Rawski means quick and hassle free.

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