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Already listed for sale as an FSBO and want more exposure?…your Private Listing

See all the benefits about listing your home in our private networking

Increase your chances of selling by showcasing your home on multiple platforms, including Centris MLS, (optional) our private network, and your preferred “For Sale by Owner” (FSBO) website.

Commission only payable if we bring you a buyer!

Benefit N.1: Dedicated landing page exposing your property to buyers and investors.

When listing your property in our private investor’s database, it is shared with our internal network of buyers and investors looking for unique properties outside the MLS system. Your property will not be accessible to the general public.

With no costs, no fees and no obligations, you can add or remove your property from our private database at any time.

Benefit N.2: No more wasting time on unqualified buyers.

Any interested parties who inquire about your property through our investor’s database or social mediums will be first be qualified by our internal sales team. We will only reach out to the seller when we have a fully qualified, pre-approved buyer interested in  making an offer and visiting the property.

Benefit N.3: Added exposure through our online social mediums

Additionally, our private sellers are offered the option to advertise their properties exclusively on our social media platforms. Sharing on social media is a good away of increasing the property’s exposure while still maintaining the flexibility of a private sale. Properties advertised on social media can be removed at any time and for any reason, with a 24 hour notice.

On average, a property advertised with us and our Real Estate’s social media accounts will reach

  • 50,000+ social impressions per month
  • 10,000 people reached each month.

Benefit N.4: Flexibility between MLS and private exposure.

Listing exclusively in a private network isn’t for everyone. Depending on your property type and how fast you need to sell, the smartest route might be market testing your property privately, and listing your property on MLS afterwards. We make it easy to switch between a private and a public listing at any time.

8 advantages of selling your property privately, off-market

Reduced costs: With fewer parties involved in each transaction, a private sale allows for more negotiation on commission and reduces your closing costs upon the act of sale.

Serious offers: The buyers and investors in our private network have already been pre-qualified. As a private seller this means you will only ever receive serious offers from interested parties.

Privacy: All of our listings are made private and only accessible by our qualified VIP members. Your contact information will never be shared directly with an investor, and only serious offers will be transmitted to the seller.

Extra exposure: Many private investors are not interested in the public offerings on Centris. Accessing a private network allows you to gain additional exposure before, during, or instead of listing your home publicly.

Test the market: If you’re not in a rush, but would consider a sale providing you received a good offer, listing your property on a private database is the perfect solution.

No mandates or contracts: No contract is signed with a real estate broker until an offer is received and accepted. You can remove your property from our database at any time, and you will never be obligated to accept a private offer.

Price adjustments Off-market price increases or reductions remain private and allow you to test the market without leaving a trace.

*Optional* Online marketing: Take your exposure one step further by allowing our team to market your property on social media, at no additional cost.

100% Free – No costs, fees or lock in contracts!

Submitting your property

After filling out the form, your property will be evaluated and we will contact you to finalize the listing details.

We will never share any information about your property without your explicit consent.

Should I list my home privately?

    • I am already listed as an FSBO and want extra exposure
  • I am thinking about selling but don’t want my property on MLS
  • I am only interested in selling my property to an investor
  • I have never thought about selling but would if the price is right
  • I want to expose my existing listing to a group of private investors