Military/RCMP/Public Service Moves


Support Our Troops yellow ribbon It is part of the job! For the Canadian Forces and RCMP members, at some point you will be required to move. In the public service, it is generally voluntary.
As the wife of a former military member, I am very familiar with the process. We were required to move several times.
All moves are managed through Brookfield Relocation Services, and each department has a set of guidelines that must meet Treasury Board policy.
For the RCMP: Royal Canadian Mounted Police IRP Policy
For the Canadian Forces: Canadian Forces IRP Directive
For the Public Service: National Joint Council IRP Directive
It is important to read and understand the Directives that govern your move. Each move has a different set of circumstances, and you need to be aware of the benefits that will apply to you.

It is difficult to know all the rules, especially if it’s your first transfer.  Your Relocation Counselor is your best friend during your move. He/she will guide you through the process, step by step.

I have noticed a few things that seem to cause some confusion, and I thought it may be helpful to address them here.

“I can only hire from the Brookfield TPSP Directory.”

Not true! You can hire any service provider you wish. Brookfield does maintain a list of accredited Appraisers, Realtors®, Lawyers, Home Inspectors and Rental Search Assistance providers for your convenience.  These service providers have agreed to work within the terms and standards set by Brookfield. There are a couple of points to consider:

If you choose a service provider from the TPSP Directory, you will not be required to pay out of pocket, and later seek reimbursement. Brookfield settles the payment directly with the service provider. This can be convenient and will avoid any cash flow problems during your move.

Be very careful not to employ a service provider who is not at arms length. While it may seem generous to award a family member with your business, it could void your claim!

“My claim is for moving expenses. It will not affect my taxes.”

Again, not true (in some cases). Your Counselor will advise you in this matter. It is advisable to set aside enough money to pay the income tax, to avoid any unnecessary burden at tax time.

The real estate commission is based on the price from the appraiser.”

Once again, not true. Brookfield uses the appraisal for other calculations for your benefits, but they are not related to the real estate commission, which is subject to other guidelines. If your real estate agent is in the Brookfield TPSP, then the Realtor® has already agreed to work within those prescribed rates.

Your Brookfield representative is always your first resource, but why not have a Realtor® that understands the process, and who has personal experience in these moves. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank You for your service!

Garrison Petawawa


Garrison Petawawa is the largest military base in Canada, with numerous support facilities and services.


Canadian Forces Base Kingston


Canadian Forces Base Kingston provides support services to allow lodger units to focus on their primary missions.


2nd Canadian Division Support Group


Headquartered in Montreal, 2nd Cdn Div Support Group supports 33,000 National Defence personnel in Quebec.


Saint-Jean Garrison


Saint-Jean Garrison contains several military educational facilities.


Valcartier Garrison


  • Valcartier Garrison offers services to military personnel and houses several units and formations.

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