Our Services to Tenents

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Our rentals are  comprised of well-informed team members that have completed thousands of transactions. We are worthy of trust and our wish is that you feel comfortable working with us. Our transparency, honesty and passion are our greatest trademarks. We are professionals that take into consideration your needs and expectations. It will be a pleasure for us to invest time and energy in reaching your goal, we will assist you in finding, comparing, negotiating and organizing your real estate rental project.

Our Services

For starters, the services we provide to our clientele looking for apartments, condos or any other rental property is free of charge. The owners are responsible for paying our representation fees.

Our team is comprised of experienced rental agents concluding daily transactions. Our rental agency receives, on average, more than 10 demands per day from people looking for residential rentals.  Our extensive database of rental properties enable us to offer many types of apartments and condos to suit all of your needs.

Not only do we have an exclusive access to over 300 rental listings but we can also provide thousands of listings through the Greater Montreal real estate agents’ database. Our team has access to every property available on the market and we collaborate with all of the other real estate agencies.

We can surely answer to all of your needs and satisfy your multiple criteria’s.  Whether it be a loft for rent on Plateau Mont-Royal, a luxurious penthouse in Old Montreal or a condo in the heart of downtown, you will be astonished by the great diversity of what we have to offer.

Our team is specialized in the residential rental market for all-inclusive, fully furnished properties (short term corporate rental) and semi or non-furnished property (long term rental).

Our many completely furnished condos, houses or apartments rentals are geared towards a corporate clientele or people wishing to establish a temporary or permanent pied-à-terre in Montreal.

Our wide selection of furnished properties for rent includes all the furniture and services (please refer to the FAQ section for more information.

The semi and non-furnished rental market is geared towards a clientele looking for a long-term as well as a permanent rental agreement (12 month lease and more). For more information, please refer to the FAQ section.

We will accompany you step by step:

  • We will evaluate your needs in order to understand your expectations. To do so, we need to know your budget, the geographical sectors that interest you, your expected move-in date, the number of bedrooms you need as well as other criteria’s that may be important for you (for example: possibility of having pets, parking spaces, smoking restrictions, etc…)
  • Once we have the required information, we shall send you via e-mail all the property listings (complete description and photos) that match your needs.
  • Once you have identified the rental properties that interest you, we shall organize and accompany you on visits of the selected properties. During those visits, you shall be informed about the advantages and inconveniences of the different properties and locations.
  • Our experience and knowledge of the Montreal market will be an important asset during the negotiation process of your chosen property. As well, we will make sure that the lease or rental contract is in well and due form.


Everything to make the search for your next apartment more easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I reserve a furnished property? ( Reserving a furnished property is comprised of two phases. )
    •  First, you have to give us your personal coordinates in order for us to prepare the rental contract. The first phase is completed once we’ve received the signed contract.
    •  Secondly, in order to complete the reservation process, we must receive the 1st month’s rent of the rental contract within 10 days following the signature of the contract.  The reservation process will be final once the 1st month’s rent is received.
  • What is a furnished rental property?
    • A furnished property is a residential property available for rent fully furnished all-inclusive (furniture, appliances, television, dvd, stereo system, bedding and everything in the kitchen etc..) All of the services are also included: heating, electricity, cable TV, telephone (local calls) and Internet.
  • What is the minimum rental term as regards a furnished unit?
    • 1 month.
  • What do you mean by semi-furnished or non-furnished apartment or condo?
    • A semi-furnished apartment includes only certain appliances. A non-furnished apartment is equipped with neither appliance nor furniture.
  • What is the minimum rental duration as regards a semi or non-furnished unit?
    • 1 year.
  • At what time must I vacate my furnished unit?
    • Furnished rentals must be vacated by noon.
  • What about the security deposit?
    • A security deposit is required upon possession of the fully furnished rental apartment or condo.
    • This deposit will cover the damage incurred on the furnished property (furniture, accessories, flooring, etc…) Any damages made to the property, furniture or other property assets will result in a market value deduction from the security deposit.
    • The security deposit will be returned maximum 30 days following the property inspection.
  • Does the rental agreement begin the 1st day of the month?
    • No, an agreement for a furnished property may start any day of the month: however, there is a minimum 30-day stay.


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