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Our Featured Projet is Tours du Canadiens 2

Be among the first to discover Phase 2 of the prestigious Canadiens Tower. This magnificent project in full downtown Montreal offers splendid condo units at the foot of the Bell Centre. Don’t delay, discover the project and sign up to be among the first to be able to acquire your units.

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Start off on the right foot with the distinctive advantages ..

The purchase of a condo requires knowledge and technical skills: did you know that a real estate transaction can add up to a hundred different tasks? This is also true for mortgage research.

If you decide to be represented by a broker, you know that you can trust us to protect and promote your interests. As a professional, he is dedicated to your satisfaction and the successful completion of your transaction.

Here are some of the distinctive and significant advantages that only we can give you:

  • Help and guidance throughout the entire process;
  • A secure transaction with concrete support;
  • Up-to-date knowledge and expertise of an experienced broker;

Here are some of the advantages specific to working with us in the field of mortgages:

  • Expert advice throughout the entire process of obtaining a mortgage loan;
  • Access to several competing financial institutions;
  • Substantially lower rates


Our Team understands your needs and knows the real estate market well. You will benefit from his expertise, informed opinions and presence at every step of your transaction. Because he is very familiar with the sequence of events involved, he can quickly adapt to unforeseen events and can anticipate and avoid potential difficulties.

Our Team will make all the necessary verifications and provide you with all the information regarding your transaction so you can focus on your life and business without worry!
As an example :

  • We promptly notify you of any changes at the tours des Canadiens 2, analyzes the property that meets your needs, plans visits and walks you there.
  • In financing, the broker will take all necessary steps to find the mortgage loan that suits your needs best, and then present you with various options such as fixed or variable rates, 5-year or 10-year terms, etc.

Our Team will also handle negotiations and draft all the documents required to ease up a transaction. This is a significant advantage!


Our Team has the necessary training, experience and knowledge to carry out your real estate transaction in accordance with your needs.

We also have all the essential skills needed to make this transaction a success:

  • We will receive and analyze all documents regarding the transaction and help you make the right choices;
  • We will handle the negotiation process, when an expert’s know-how is crucial;
  • Thanks to his expertise and the tools at his disposal, he can advise you for the best purchase.

Need a proof that our team is up to the task ? Your broker must pass a rigorous entrance examination before being licensed to practice.

This assures you that masters all key aspects in his profession, that his knowledge and skills are up-to-date, and that he has what it takes to assist you in the process.