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  • Altoria
  • Tour des Canadiens
  • Roccabella
  • The Southam Lofts
  •  Gillette Lofts
  • Altitude Condominiums
  • Le Roc Fleuri
  • Westmount square
  • District Giffin
  • Lowney
  • Le Peterson
  • Le Concorde
  •  1200 De Maisonneuve
  • Louis Bohème
  • Les Cours du Mont Royal
  • Lofts St-James
  • Wilson Lofts
  • Unity
  • Lofts des Arts
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Altoria is a high-end construction on Viger Ave. just off Square Victoria, and next to the Montreal Stock Exchange tower in the City’s financial district otherwise known as the International Quarter.

The building has commercial units on the lower floors which become residential as of the 10th floor. The condos nearly all have some views, and many of them have excellent 180 degree views of the surrounding area with most of Montreal’s landmarks within line of sight.

The quality of finish is second to none as this builder is keen to create a good reputation in the Montreal construction circle. The units have engineered hardwood floors with modern kitchens and granite countertops. Floor to ceiling windows allow for much natural light. The amenities include an outdoor pool with city views and a large gym. There is also an indoor parking and a doorman.

Entry prices in Altoria are around $400,000 for now and go up to $2,000,000.

Tour des Canadiens


The Tour des Canadiens development is a series of buildings that are all in close proximity to the world famous Bell Center where all the Habs (Montreal Canadians Hockey team) play their home games during the hockey season. During much of the off season, the Bell Center is used for indoor concerts and other noteworthy spectacles.

The original Tour des Canadiens is located on the corner of Mountain (de la Montagne) and de la Gauchetiere streets. The Tour des Canadiens 2 which is currently in pre-sale will be located on the corner of Peel and St-Antoine streets just south of the Bell Center and in a development which will be known as the Windor Quad in reference to Windsor station, the original name for Montreal’s central station.

The Tour des Canadiens will be finished very soon with the first units scheduled to be handed over in early 2016. The next 12 months will be the best time to purchase some of these units from the first wave of re-sales as inevitably over the two or three years since these units were purchased, some situations will have changed and many buyers will be trying to re-sell their units at a compartively low price. It also takes two years for a new building to stableise its values as it becomes better known as a finished product and not as a new construction.

The Tour des Canadiens 2 is a luxury condo building with 30 floors. Construction is scheduled to come to an end some time in 2018. Most units will have nice views and many of them will literally dominate the area. For Tour des Canadiens 2, the developpers have purchased all the adjacent land so as to guarantee no new constructions will go up in its immediate vicinity which will help the units hold their value over time.

There will be an urban chalet on the rooftop as well as a 24/7 security guard, a swimming pool, gym, indoor parking, urban gardens and so much more.

One bedroom units around 320 square feet start at $184,000 and two bedroom units at 700 square feet start at $400,000. Sales taxes (15% or less) must be added to all prices and every floor goes up $5,000 on average (althoug to be sure, please check with us for an exact price). Indoor parking is optional at $60,000 as is the option to purchase a storage space (POA).



Roccabella is a twin tower residential construction located on Rene Levesque street between Peel and Crescent in the heart of Downtown Montreal. It is beyond doubt one of the most ostentatious new constructions in the City.

Its location at 1300 Rene Levesque West puts it right in the heart of Montreal’s Downtown core, its financial district, the world famous underground city, the new Griffintown neighbourhood, and the Old Port.

Roccabella has all sorts of amenities incluiding an indoor and outdoor pool, an outdoor terrace, an urban chalet or lounge, a gym, 24/7 security a home cinema, conference rooms etc…

The units are generally well located for views of the city or towards the river. The first tower is now complete and occupancy has started but the second phase will not be finished until 2018.

One bedroom units are usually listed between $400,000 and $600,000 whereas two bedroom units start in the low $600,000’s with the penthouse units likely to be put on the market between $2,000,000 and $3,000,000.

The Southam Lofts


The Southam Lofts are ideally located between the Old Port, the Financial District, and the Downtown Core. They are a conversion from one of the industrial constructions in the area.

By any standards the Southam Lofts has an excellent standard of finish. It has a gym, a games room with a pool table and other items for entertainment, and a large rooftop terrace with amazing views of the surrounding buildings.

The units in the Southam Lofts are not all Lofts as many people have elected to place a wall and either partially or totally close off the bedroom(s) for greater privacy. However the general concept it that these units were originally designed as open plan and the interior design in in keeping with the calssic New Yort Loft Style with large industrial style windows.

The Southam Lofts has the particularity of having an access on two different streets. The address of the building is 1070 Bleury but there is also an access on St Alexandre street in between the Wilson Lofts and the Gillette Lofts.

One bedroom units are usually listed between $300,000 and $500,000. Two bedroom units are rare in this building as many are open plan but if we are to consider those units with a layout that would enable two bedrooms to be installed, these would be over $500,000.

 Gillette Lofts


The Gillette Lofts is a Loft style condominium conversion project renovated and transformed from a 1911 industrial building to a 21st century residential building in 2010.

The units are of a high standard and are known for their concrete floors, though it should be noted that many floors have been finished with hardwood floors since then.

The units are Loft style condos with 11 foot ceilings or more. The windows are generally very large and make the units very bright and comfortable to live in. The building is located in what is known as the International Quarter which is next to the financial district. It is ideally located for those wanting to avoid a long commute and just walk to work and also for potential investors looking for a good ROI (return on investment) through renting the unit.

The building is well managed and in good condition.

One bedroom units which are usually open plan will start in the high $200,000’s and larger two bedroom units (which are also often open plan) will be listed between $500,000 and $700,000.

Altitude Condominiums


Altitude Condominiums is one of Downtown Montreal’s most prestigious addresses. Located literally right accross the street from one of the Citys’ best known landmarks, Place Ville Marie, it is a mere 5 minutes walk from McGill University, and is just accross the road from the nearest access to the famous underground city.

The building is attractive from the outside as well as from the inside. Its most distinctive features include large windows and private balconies. The units have a high standard of finish, high ceilings, and well designed modern kitchens.

Amenities include a large gym, a billiards room, an indoor pool, hot tub and sauna, a party room with a bar and tables and chairs, a golf simulator, a wine cellar room and a home theatre room. There is also 24/7 doorman service.

Units in Altitude usually sell for a high price per square foot, starting in the low $300,000’s and finding their way to over $2,000,000 per unit.

Le Roc Fleuri


The building Le Roc Fleuri is a very high-end building in Montreal’s Golden Square Mile. Located between McGill and Concordia Universities, it has a 24/7 doorman service, an indoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a gym, a meeting or party room and a large outdoor terrace.

Le Roc Fleuri has a very distinctive facade. With a few high end businesses on the ground floor, its most noticeable feature is the large rounded bay window on its South East corner directly below the DeMaisonneuve Boulevard entrace.  In spite of the existence of this entrance, the buildings actual entrance is on Drummond street, which is also where the entrance to the indoor parking is. The units have hardwood floors and granite countertops in the kitchen. Views and orientations are either of the city and/or the mountain (Mont Royal).

The area has several up market restaurants, cafes, specialised stores and large department stores such as Holt Renfrew and Ogilvy’s.

Prices will start around $400,000 for two bedroom units (there are no one bedrooms) and go up to $2,000,000 for penthouse units.

Westmount square


Westmount square is a large real estate development and is famous as one of the last works of German Architect Ludwig ‘Mies’ Van der Rohe. Westmount Square it a landmark in Westmount and Donwtown Montreal and is a sought after building to live in thanks to its easy access to its own shopping mall and surrounding buisinesses including the boutiques of Greene Ave.

It also has an underground access to Place Alexis Nihon which is a large Shopping mall on Atwater. This tunnel also leads to the Atwater metro or subway.

As a co-op or ‘undivided co-ownership’ as it is known in Quebec, Westmount square requires a substatial equity share so a mortgage over 70% is difficult, nigh impossible to achieve.

The building offers amazing views of the sourrounding area including towards the river and the South West as well as Downtown Montreal and Mountain views (the ‘Mountain’ is the Mont-Royal hill which is Montreal’s most prominent landmark). Due to its age, many of the units have undergone substantial renovations and upgrades. Originally there were laundry rooms on every floor but gradually new residents have been installing their own washer/dryer units for greater convenients. Its amenities include a swimmin pool, a gym…

One bedroom units are usually listed between $400,000 and $600,000 whereas two bedroom units start just under $600,000 and rise to over one million dollars.

District Giffin


The District Giffin project is located at 235 Peel street which is the heart of the Griffintown area, Downtown Montreal’s new residential condominimum neighbourhood. With many stores opening in the immediate vicinity including a Winners and an Adonis grocery store, this building is right in the centre of the area and promises to be a good investment for any new owner.

The District Giffin is a high rise with 19 floors and a rooftop swimming pool and terrace with amazing panoramic views of the area and the Downtown core skyscrapers.

The Griffintown neighbourhood has an abundance of amenities, nearly all of which are located on the 4th floor. The indoor amenities are a gym, a fireplace and common area lounge, a dry and a wet sauna. The outdoor amenities are a large sky garden, a terrace with a hot tub, a giant chess board, hammocks, a botche (petanque) pitch as well as the pool on the rooftop that was mentionned earlier.

Most units have a balcony which is a refreshing change from the idea that residential Condos in Montreal don’t need an outdoor space on account of the weather. They have engineered hardwood floor, quartz countertops, and large windows. Due to the ‘L’ shape of the building, many of the condos are corner units which makes them very bright.

One bedroom units are usually listed between $200,000 and $300,000 and two bedroom condos can be expected to start around $400,000 and up depending on the sizes and the views.



The Lowney project is a multi-phase development with many addresses such as 350 de l’inspecteur, 400 de l’Inspecteur, 1015 William and 950 Notre Dame West. Originally a chocolate production factory in what was the industrial district of Griffintown, the original buildings have been refurbished and transformed into residential condos with new phases being built from scratch but still using the original Lowney name.

Whilst the original buyers came for the industrial look with high ceilings and exposed bricks in the unit, later owners bought into new construction with the classic high end products one has come to expect from new build in the 21st century such as engineered hardwood floors, granite or quartz countertops, large windows etc…

It should be noted that whilst the newer phases are very well built, they bear little resemblance to the original Lowney project.

The one thing that all the buildings have in common aside from the Lowney name and similar locations, are their amenities. They all have good gyms, rooftop pools with large terraces to give the opportunity for residents to mingle as much as possible and get to know one another which is always welcome in these otherwise anonymous buildings.

Most one bedroom units in any of the Lowney phases are usually priced between $200,000 and $300,000 with a few exceptions amongst larger units. Two bedrroom units are rarer and should be found in the $350,000 to $500,000 range.


Le Peterson


Le Peterson has been literally making waves as a new type of external design hit Montreal at the end of 2016. Delayed on several occasions, the first Condos were delivered towards the end of summer 2016. The building has been a great success overall with nearly all of the Condos sold (with the excpetion of the Penthouse units which are in a category of their own and are about 50% sold as of the end of 2016).

Located in the Quartier des Spectacles in the heart of Downtown Montreal, it is the area’s tallest building at 35 floors high. Le Peterson’s main selling point is its amazing views with most units having at least some views over the Montreal rooftops either facing East but mainly facing south. The Le Peterson’s wall facade is flat, but the balconies have curved designs which gives the impression of an ondulated or ‘wavy’ design from afar or looking up from the ground.

The lower floors are loft style units with mezzanines and double height windows. There is much additional volume in these units but few have any of the views that are expected from this building. As of the10th floor (equivalent) though, the units are more condo like with today’s standard 9ft ceilings and the balconies that are such an important design feature of the building.

The heigher the unit, the more panoramic the views with the  Penthouse units dominating the area with views of the river, and the Dowtown towners.

The building’s amenities are interesting as almost half of the ground floors’ square footage has been make into a lounge area with a pool table and foozball tables as well as many tables and chairs. It looks like a high end bar but it is meant for residents only (though guests are allowed in of course).

The other interesting common area is the viewing deck on the 28th floor which is accessible to all residents and offers 180 degree views of the area looking south. This has the advantage of not being a roof terrace so it is covered and not exposed to the elements (so can potentially be used all year round).

It also has a large climbing wall for those who enjoy such activities… from this high up it can really give the the impression of being on the side of a moutain.

One bedroom units can be expected to start around $300,000 and two bedroom units are available from $450,000. As this is still a relatively new building, the prices will have to settle over the next couple of years before we get a better ideal of their value on the resale market.


Le Concorde


“Le Concorde’ is one of Downtown’s most sought after addresses. Located right between Place des Arts and McGill Subway stations on practical, yet comparatively quiet President Kennedy Avenue, the building is well known for its large windows, bright units, excellent soundproofing and 24/7 concierge/doorman service. It is a top location for those with busy city lives and as a result attracts many professionals. Although as the closest modern and high end condo building to McGill, it inevitably attracts a lot of Students. With only 125 units, it is more neighborly than larger buildings. Excellent views, especially from the higher units, This building has some of the largest private terraces in the city.

 1200 De Maisonneuve


The 1200 De Maisonneuve is a high end building in the Golden Square Mile, just around the corner from the Grand Prix festival on Crescent street. The latter boasts many fine restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs and also hosts a street festival in the second half of summer.

The 1200 De Maisonneuve is a twin tower residential complex. It is self-administrating, has a large and ostentatious lobby with a doorman, a gym, a sauna, and an outdoor heated pool and terrace.

It is located right between Concordia and McGill Universities and is one of the most sought after addresses in the City. It is just one block away from an access to the Peel Street subway station and only two blocks from the Cours du Mont Royal shopping mall which is also part of the famous underground city.


Louis Bohème


The Louis Bohème building was finished in 2009 and has attracted a lot of attention due to its very ‘design’ appearance. It is one of the tallest condo buildings in the area. On the NW side, one can see the Mountain and Park Avenue all the way to the sports grounds.

Views from the SE side include Jacques Cartier bridge, the St Laurent river, Old Montreal and the Downtown Skyline. The building has 280 units with a balanced number of one bedroom and two bedroom designs. Amenities include a gym, an indoor pool, a sauna, a party room, and 24/7 doorman service. The four elevators allow easy access to the condos. Units on the lower floors overlook the park, the inner gardens, or the Place des Arts and its summer festivals.

Condos in the Louis Boheme usually start around the mid-$300,000’s and go up to $800,000. Occasionally more.

Les Cours du Mont Royal


Les Cours du Mont Royal is a luxury building located right about the underground shopping mall bearing the same name. The latter contains mostly high end stores but also connects to the rest of the vast network of tunnels that form Montreal’s Underground City.

Les Cours du Mont Royal was built with a rather ornate facade in the 1980’s. To this day it still attracts an affluent type thanks to the easy access to the underground city, its amenities that include an indoor pool and a squash court, and its prime location in the heart of the City.

The condos can be purchased or rented and are usually large (between 800 and 1500 square feet) very open and practical with attractive entrances.

It is possible to find a condo for sale around $350,000 or more but prices usually vary between $450,000 and $700,000.

Lofts St-James


The Lofts St-James is a turn of the century building refurbished in 2002. It was one of the first quality buildings in Downtown Montreal’s most recent construction surge.

Originally designed as an office building in Montréal’s Fur District, its beautiful facade has been kept and upgraded, new windows have been put in, and all the walls were torn down. The much thicker concrete of the day was kept which improves sound proofing, and new large divisions were created for the 12-14ft ceiling lofts. A gym and roof terrace were installed which offers panoramic city views.

Just this year, the gym was upgraded and the corridors were re-painted and re-carpeted to give a more modern look.

The units are large with real hardwood floors and plenty of storage. Some of them still have their original open plan ‘loft’ design whereas others have had partitions installed to use the huge space available to create bedrooms and offices.

Located just north of St Catherines street and a few minutes walk from McGill University and the underground city, this is exactly where a downtown resident would want to be.

Because of the relative age of the building (and by consequence the lower prices at which original buyers purchased) prices per square foot can fluctuate enormously. However the smaller units (around 650sqft) can be found for just over $200,000 and pricier units over 1500 sqft with two bedrooms and views over the St James Church after which the building is named, can be found for between $500,000 and $800,000. Most units are priced between $300,000 and $400,000 however.


Wilson Lofts


Originally built in 1911, the Wilson Lofts was refurbished 100 years later into luxury lofts opposite church park and ideally located midway between the Downtown core and the Old Port area.

These few blocks are dominated by old commercial and industrial buildings which are a constant reminder of the neighbourhoods industrial past.

The Wilson lofts is equipped to satisfy the highest standards of any idividual. The units have kitchens with built in appliances and steel countertops, the floors are engineered hardwood, the windows are excellent quality and well insulated against the cold and sound. Residents will find a pleasant environment in wich to live thanks to the rooftop terrace with amazing views of the city, a gym, and a common area lounge with a snooker table.

Although originally designed as open plan lofts, units in the Wilson Lofts can usually be made into 1 or 2 bedroom units if required (or if a previous owner hasn’t already done so). The 1 bedroom units usually start a little over $300,000 and the 2 bedroom units will be closer to $500,000.



The Unity building will appeal to those looking for a classic loft style property which is also in keeping with current trends in terms of internal appearence and finishing.

Typically units in the unity building will be of a high-standard and have either hardwood floors or a polished concrete finish. Worthy of note in this building are the extraordinary windows. The new ones having been crafted at great cost to resemble the older ones from the industrial ear they replaced during the refurbishing of the building in 2005-2006. Although one could be forgiven that these are the originaly windows from this 1920’s construction, in fact they were painstainkingly re-created and assembled to current standards with double glazing.

Located in Downtown Montreal’s financial district, this building is a few minutes walk from the Stock Exchange building, the heart of the Old Port and a 5 minute walk from the Place des Arts and the Downtown core. McGill University is just over 10 minutes walk. It is possible to walk to the underground city in less than 3 minutes, from there the Downtown core is a 10-15 minute walk through the tunnels which is great for winter time.

Since the units are generaly open plan, making distinctions between 1 and 2 bedroom properties is more difficult. That being said, smaller studio units are genrally sold between $250,000 and $270,000 whereas the one bedroom size units are between $290,000 and $320,000. Larger one bedroom units that are similar in size to two bedroom apartments will sell


Lofts des Arts


The Lofts des Arts is an older building that was refurbished in 2010. As its name suggests, it is composed of loft style units, many of which have views of Downtown Montreal and overlook the Place des Arts and also happen to be those with a South West exposure.

The Condos or Lofts have high ceilings and an industrial look mixed with a typically mondern finish. The large windows make these units bright and welcoming. The building itself has an elegant lobby. Residents can also enjoy a rooftop terrace, a gym, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Although located on St Laurent street, the actual entrance is on 1625 Clark. This makes the environment near the entrance much more secluded and intimate. However the summer months will hose the Jazz festival and the Francofolies music festival which require some tolerance for residents. These don’t play after 11pm so no sleep will be lost.

The neighbourhood is the Quartier des Spectacles and is adjacent to the Latin Quarter. This is a vibrant neighbourhood with lots of character. The St Laurent subway station is just a few minutes walk away with easy access to the Downtown Core.

Asking prices for condos for sale in the Lofts des Arts start around the low $300,000’s and go up to $1,400,000. Most however are between $400,000 and $600,000.


Le Séville


Le Séville is Prévels big project for Downtown Montreal. it was put on the market in 2010 and the first deliveries were in 2013.

With over 300 units, the Prevel development is composed of a large base bade of a full street block and three towers, the tallest of which is 20 floors and has fantastic panoramic views.

The condos have a modern and functional layout with an efficient use of space. They boast engineered hardwood floors, quartz countertops in the kitchens and large windows.

The amenities are possibly the best in the city with three outdoor pools that open for summer and a fourth which is outdoor with an access from indoors and is heated and operated all year round. There is a gym, a spa, a sauna, several rooftop terraces and a common area lounge.

Locationwise, Le Seville has an ‘Adonis’ grocery store located in the building which is more than enough for everday foodstuff. The nearest subway is Atwater and an indoor shopping mall called Alexis Nihon also has a food court.

The buy-in price at Le Seville is unlikely to be lower than $200,000 and several units can be found between $500,000 and $1,000,000.


Lofts St-Alexandre


Living in the Lofts St-Alexandre puts you right in the heart of Downtown Montreal. Located just south of St Catherine’s street at 1200 St Alexandre. This is the commercial heart of Montreal and is also right next to the arts district of Le Quartier des Spectacles. This building was delivered in 2010 so can still be considered a recent build and has extremely low condo (strata) fees.

Other than that, the Lofts St Alexandre is located close to the underground city, McGill University, Places des Arts, and McGill Subway stations and is less than 10 minutes walk from the Old Port (Old Montreal)

The condos or lofts have a very industrial look on the inside with exposed pipes, concrete and ventilation and at the same time quality finishings such as granite countertops and engineered hardwood floors. The units also have large windows and high ceilings.

The amenities are arguably this buildings best asset with a sauna, an outdor heated pool on a rooftop terrace with a BBQ and City views, a gym (again with city views) and a games room with a ping pong table, a billiards table, an air hockey table, a foozball table and a home theater.

Condos in the Lofts St Alexandre are accessible to most budgets with asking prices starting around $200,000 for studios and ending in the high $700,000’s for larger two bedroom units.

Les Cours du Mont Royal


Les Cours du Mont Royal is a luxury building located right about the underground shopping mall bearing the same name. The latter contains mostly high end stores but also connects to the rest of the vast network of tunnels that form Montreal’s Undergroud City.

Les Cours du Mont Royal was built with a rather ornate facade in the 1980’s. To this day it still attracts an aflluent type thanks to the easy acess to the underground city, its amenities that include an indoor pool and a squash court, and its prime location in the heart of the City.

The condos can be purchased or rented and are usually large (between 800 and 1500 square feet) very open and practical with attractive entraces.

It is possible to find a condo for sale aroudn $350,000 or more but prices usually vary between $450,000 and $700,000.


The Manhattan


The Manhattan at 1625 Lincoln Ave. is a tall building in the heart of the city with many great views. Its most obvious advantage is its location right next to Concordia University and the Guy Subway station.

Built in the 1980’s it has a gym, an indoor pool, and a tennis court. Nearly all the condos have a balcony and all of the apartments have an indoor parking spot.

Most units have at least some views of either the City or the Mountain (Mount Royal) and the building is close to several grocery stores, restaurants, cafés and the nightlife of Crescent street. The corridors have recently been refurbished and there is a security guard at the entrance.

The Manhattan is a great opportunity to purchase a downtown unit and to renovate it. This would still result in a combined value per square foot that is much below comparable newer buildings.

One can find condos for sale in the Manhattan starting around $250,000 and going up to $600,000 depending on the general condition of the unit (renovated or not). All the condos in the Manhattan include a parking space.

Place Simpson


Place Simpson is a landmark of the Golden Square Mile, the upmarket neighbourhood of the City near the high-end stores and museums which was where all of Montreal’s bankers used to live.

This building is from the 1960’s but as been through several upgrades. Currently the amenities are a gym, a sauna, a common area garden and an indoor pool. There is also a doorman service.

The units are either updated with modern kitchens and bathrooms but sometimes in rather poor condition comparatively. Ultimately the price will reflect the condition of the unit.

Places Simpson is located roughtly 5 mintues walk from Concordia University and just over 5 minutes from many of the McGill University faculties. The Guy subway station on the green line is also just 5 minutes walk away.

Some of the small studio and one bedroom units can be found for just over $150,000 and the larger two bedroom units will sell for between $300,000 and $400,000.