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Peter Rawski Real Estate _ Montreal condos

The path to your next palace, pad or pod starts here. To see the largest amount of results, it’s suggested you Sign Up and Login. Current real estate board rules limit the amount of content we can show for those that do not sign up (sucks, I know) so PLEASE DO!
Signing up also allows you to save searches and monitor properties you’ve “favorited”! To speed up the process, you can also log in with Facebook or several other social media services! Fill out your criteria below and get the search underway, right away. I’ve created 4 simple ways to get you started:
  • 1. Just fill out your wish-list below and click search at the bottom!  You can narrow your search and find exactly what you’re looking for by choosing between Condo or House, Area or even set a desired Price Range to find exactly what you want.
  • 2. The “MLS #” tab allows you to enter up to 5 different numbers!
  • 4. If you already drove by your dream house, and know its exact location, you can search via the “Address” tab as the final and most specific option!

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