Important tips

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Important tips to remember

You should contact and  agent who can help you with any problems  that may arise while you are  looking for a home.

I will never charge any fees to work with buyers interested in   purchasing a home.

I will work with a team of agents dedicated to finding the perfect   home      for you and your family.

But my work does not end  there. Finding a home  is the easy part; actually buying the home is  where my experience as an  agent will shine.

I will always be on your side, fighting to get you the best home   value for your price range.

I will represent your interests at every step of the deal.

I will make as many offers and counter-offers as necessary for you   to get the house you are bidding on.

I will ensure that the home you are buying has all the proper legal   documents to allow the sale to pass without delay.


Why you should consider getting  your own broker? …

Here are the top 4 reasonsIt could save you money!

A buyer’s broker works diligently in researching the property to detect any problems or issues that could influence your decision in purchasing the property. Your broker will also provide you with all the necessary information before making an offer, to ensure you are not overpaying.

The listing (Sellers) broker/agent works for the seller, not for you.

Listing broker have a legal obligation to only represent the seller’s interests and have no obligation to yours. Their responsibility is to sell the property for the highest possible price. A Buyer’s Broker has an obligation towards you, in finding the best selection of homes that fits your needs and within your budget.

Negotiating the best possible price for you.

When arriving to the negotiation time, it is absolutely essential for you to have your own Buyer’s Broker. As your representative, a Buyer’s Broker will negotiate on your behalf with a commitment to protect your best interests, and keep your personal and financial position confidential.

The services are FREE for home buyers.

The listing (seller’s) broker pays the buyer’s broker’s commission, so for buyers this is a fantastic opportunity: you get professional representation and your own negotiator, at no extra cost!

Buying a home requires action. Ready to start now?.  Here is my direct contact information:

I will take care of all matters involving the notary, so as to   ensure that the notary has all pertinent documents for the sale.


As an Agent:

I will always be on your side, fighting to get you the best home  value for your price range.

I will represent your interests at every step of the deal.

I will make as many offers and counter-offers as necessary for you  to get the house you are bidding on.

MTL Montreal Real Estate Coach Peter Raski Broker Courtier Immobilier - Downtown Condos

Basic Steps

The first step in finding a home is identifying  your needs as a    buyer. Your future home must be large enough to  accommodate all members    of your family, and there should be some  potential to expand the  home  if  you are considering future children.  Also to think about is  the  exact  area where you would like to live.  Should it be near parks  and  schools,  or closer to Downtown attractions  and workplaces.

The next step is to determine your budget for  your home. In this    step it may be helpful to see a mortgage broker and  get pre-qualified    for a specific financing amount if you intend to  mortgage your home.    Some important factors to consider are mortgage  rates, home taxes,  condo   fees, and the Quebec Welcome tax charge.

Once  you have a general idea about the kind of home you want to    purchase  you can actually begin you search.

I can provide you with dozens  of house listings which match the    criteria you are looking for in a  home. Some agents like to lead you on    by handing you one listing at a  time. I prefer giving as much    information to you as possible, so that  you can visit many homes in    order to make an informed decision. Once we find a home which is perfect, we can draft an offer to  purchase    the home. This is a document which contains all the important  legal    details about the sale. This offer to purchase will be presented  to  the   home seller and it will either be accepted or rejected.

In most  cases the seller may draft a counter proposal with some    modifications  to the original proposal. This is the deal making process    at work,  and a good agent will be able to keep the deal moving until  a   sale is  created in which both seller and buyer are satisfied.

The next  phase in the real estate transaction involves professional    inspections  of the home and a visit to the notary’s office to  finalize   the sale.

Clearly there is a lot of negotiating and organization that must be     followed before a deal is brokered, and as your qualified real estate     agent, I will take care of all the work, free of charge to you, so   that   you can rest easy and simply dream about living in your new home.

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