New Immigrant Mortgage


New Immigrant Specialist

I immigrated to Canada myself with my family in 1991(originally from Europe) and so have had first hand experiencewith not only the transition but being able to explain the Canadian mortgage system and how it works.  I enjoy walking my cilents thru the process, one Step at a Time.

The New To Canada Mortgage Insurance Program makes it possible for individuals relocating to Canada to purchase a home sooner with as little as 5% down. Through this program, Genworth helps new Canadians purchase their first home, build equity, and become economically established in Canada.

• Up to 95% LTV for qualified borrowers
• No minimum income requirements
• Increased qualification options
• Available up to 36 months after arrival
• Standard Premiums apply
• Extended amortizations available up to 40 years

New To Canada Mortgage Insurance
Program features:

• Opportunity: helping new Canadians own their home sooner and become economically established in Canada
• Low down payment: as little as 5% down
• Flexible: fixed, variable, or adjustable rate mortgages permitted
• Common-sense evaluation: review all files by individual circumstance
• Portable: insurance can be applied to a new loan

Contact Claire for details on getting your new immigrant mortgage in Canada.

LTV Documentation
All Loan to Values • Valid work permit or verification of landed immigrant status
• Income confirmation
• Down payment confirmation
• Purchase and Sale agreement
Up to 90% • Letter of reference from a recognized financial institution, OR
• Six (6) months of bank statements from primary account
90.01 – 95% • International credit report demonstrating a strong credit profile, OR
• Two (2) alternative sources of credit demonstrating timely payments (no arrears) for the past
12 months. The two alternative sources required are:
• Rental payment history confirmed via letter from landlord and bank statements
• One other alternative source (hydro/utilities, telephone, cable) to be confirmed via letter
from the service provider or 12 months billing statements


If you are unsure of what is best for you, please give me a call and we can find out if you qualify for this program right away!