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Times have changed.  A survey conducted in 2004 found that 86 percent of home buyers used buyer representation. Buyer representation is not the exception anymore, it’s the norm.  Consumers now know they have the right to be represented.


Quebec now requires Disclosure of Representation by which every registered agent is required to explain his or her legal relationship with a buyer or seller at first substantive contact. That is if you, as a prospective buyer or seller, start telling an agent information that would compromise your bargaining position in any way, the agent should immediately explain agency and give you a choice in how you want to move forward. Unfortunately, some don’t, so it’s up to you to protect yourself.

Why choose exclusive buyer’s agency?  While any agent will arrange property showings, suggest sources of financing, provide accurate information, prepare forms and agreements, and monitor the entire process, a exclusive buyer’s agent can perform services for you that many seller’s agents can’t. An exclusive buyer’s agent can show you reasons not to buy a particular property; negotiate the best price and terms for you alone; include conditions in the contract that protect you, rather than the seller as in many contracts; and keep confidential any information that could hurt your bargaining position.



One thing hasn’t changed: Almost without exception, the Seller Agent is going to pay a percentage(split) of the sale price to the listing brokerage, as a commission fee. Most sellers agree to allow the listing agency to split the commission with the buyer’s agent, which means the seller is paying the buyer’s agent to represent the buyer’s interests. While many people think that whoever is paying the agent is the one getting the best representation, courts have made it clear that paying an agent does not create fiduciary representation or responsibility.

Why would a Seller/Selling Agent agree to allow half of the commission to go to a buyer’s agent who is representing a buyer against the seller?  Simply — the seller wants to sell.

But its really the transaction that funds the commission. Yes, the seller is paying the commission, but without the buyer’s money there would be no sale. The whole idea here is fairness: If the buyer is bringing the money to the table to buy the house, shouldn’t that buyer have full representation?

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