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Led by Tatiana Londono, Londono Realty Group offers efficient and experienced real estate professionals to help buy or sell your home. Tatiana’s background in the Canadian Military and her education at McGill University set the tone for a motivated, disciplined and dedicated team environment.

Our agents are educated real estate professionals with an in-depth knowledge of the Montreal real estate marketplace. With a 7 day per week availability (even during holidays) we provide full support for all your real estate needs. Call us for an evaluation of your home, (514.679.8578) for help finding the property of your dreams or advice on investing in real estate. We provide professional advice, support and incredible negotiation skills to help you realize your goals.

” I wanted to sell and that is exactly what they did. Thank you so much for the service.”

! high roller 2013


MTL Montreal Real Estate Coach Peter Raski Broker Courtier Immobilier - Downtown Condos

About the show Tatiana has survived fives years of running her own real estate agency and, despite the economic downturn, managed to carve out a niche in the city’s cutthroat property market. With her girlish charm, undeniable business savvy and growing team of hungry agents, Tatiana has made The Property Shop a success. Now Tatiana must keep up the momentum while she faces big decisions for her – and the agency’s – future. Peter Rawski - Londono Group Tatiana Londono lives and breathes the world of real estate. This dynamic, young agent began her career by cold calling her way into the real estate business. Within her first year she reached the Top Ten Agents list, thanks to her tough persona, brilliant skills and trademark style. With sales in the seven-figure range, Tatiana decided it was time to set up her own agency and take on the “big boys” – the national real estate companies. Broker’s license in hand she set up her own agency as captured on the series, The Property Shop on HGTV Canada. Tatiana lives in Montreal with her husband and two young children.

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