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No time is wasted looking at out dated information in newspapers or searching the internet. Your time is not wasted viewing homes that do not interest you nor meet your criteria. Priority access means you’re the first to receive the information and the first to visit the property before others do.

The Buyer Profile network saves you Time and Money. Simply enter your criteria below and get priority access to all the homes that only match your needs.

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Knowing the “value” of your home is the first step to consider if you are going to sell your home. To get the price you deserve, it is very important to educate yourself on the current real estate market in your area.
How is this done?
We use was it called a “Comparative Market Analysis” which is a current market data search of all active, sold and expired listings in your area (ex. last six months). With this information we will be able to determine what your home might sell for if you decided to put it on the open market.
By using the information you provide to us in the form below, we will conduct a thorough “Comparative Market Analysis” and give you a suggested selling price of your home.

This service is free and with no obligation on your part.

Please take the time to fill in the information below and we will get back to you shortly.

It’s Easy To Get Started…

MTL Montreal Real Estate Coach Peter Raski Broker Courtier Immobilier - Downtown Condos

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