9 Activities To Do On Your Next Cottage Weekend

Because it’s officially cottage season! ;)… ETA 4months to go!

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Every year, thousands of Canadians flock to their cottages for a megadose of fun in the sun. In fact, summer may be better referred to as “cottage season.” Either way, one thing’s for sure: There’s nothing quite like packing up the car with a cooler full of grade-A steaks, corn on the cob, and bevvies by the dozen

From late-night cookouts to sunset swims, escaping the good ol’ city grind for a weekend of the great outdoors has never been so enticing. To help you plan your getaway, here are nine activities to do on your next cottage weekend.

1. Kick it with a cookout

BBQ grill

There’s arguably no better way to kick off a cottage weekend than with a cookout. We’re talking about some of your fave BBQ eats, like burgers and grilled veggies (yum!). Of course, everyone knows a BBQ isn’t complete without an ice-cold drink to wash everything down. And if your ice-cold drink of choice is sparkling water, then trust us, your BBQ just got loads better.

Fresca Sparkling Soda Water has a new lineup of sparkling water flavours that are as delicious as they are refreshing. With flavours like Grapefruit Citrus, Peach Citrus and Black Cherry Citrus, you’ll be enjoying a tasty, crisp drink and elevating your cottage BBQ several notches!

2. Paddleboard with your posse

Yes, friends, you can be active all while enjoying the epic outdoor scenery that is cottage country. Not only is paddleboarding a great full-body workout, it’s also a lot of fun when done with friends! Take in the sights while enjoying the gentle lap of water against your board — if that doesn’t sound like the most amazing/relaxing activity ever, I don’t know what does.

3. Go fishin’… for real

You don’t need to battle the high seas to be able to fish. In fact, you don’t even have to leave the dock! That’s what’s great about a cottage — you can park it lakeside and spend the entire day fishing while soaking up the sun.

But remember, just because you’re near the water, doesn’t mean you’re not at risk of dehydration. Keep yourself glowing, healthy, and hydrated, plus enjoy a kick of flavour, by sipping some vitaminwater. This water (with benefits!) boasts great-tasting flavours that have different and unique functions from the vitamins, electrolytes, and nutrients. Plus, with 0-130 calories contained in each bottle, you know you can indulge in something super tasty!

4. Coast on a floaty

Who said you have to swim in order to enjoy a lake? If you’d rather bask beneath the glowing rays of the sun whilst gliding along the waters atop a flamingo floaty, be our guest! And if nothing else, it’s an opportunity to seriously kick up your Insta game.

5. Sit back and stargaze

Among the many things that make cottage time so epic, the starry night sky is probably the best. Not only does stargazing make you realize how insanely vast and mind-blowing space is, it also allows you to max out on chill time. Better yet, you can do it all by yourself, with friends, or even your S/O!

6. Bring it on with board games

Unless you’re an avid game player, I bet it’s been a minute since you last enjoyed a board game. Board games are a great way to bond with your fellow cottage-goers. And they make for some healthy competition, too! Plus, if it rains, board games are a great way to pass the time. The bubbly goodness of smartwater sparkling flavours are the perfect way to quench your thirst after all that friendly competition. And it comes in three delicious flavours – strawberry blood orange, fuji apple pear and raspberry rose; it tastes so good, you’ll want to stay right where you are, sipping on it all day long!

7. Walk it out in nature

If not for nature, there would be no cottage country, so why not take in the sights while appreciating the glory that is mother nature? Get your steps in and get your gram on — maybe even get in a meditation sesh!

8. Become a birdwatcher 

Fun fact: There are over 600 species of birds in Canada alone! That means there’s a pretty good chance you’d be able to spot at least a couple of different birds wherever you are. And all that’s needed are binoculars, a camera, and a sense of adventure.

9. Suit up and swim

Last but not least, go swimming! This one may seem obvious, but swimming in a lake always makes for a good time. In fact, there are few better ways to escape the summer heat. And for many Canadians, it’s the next best thing to a beach vacay, so go ahead and take advantage of that freshwater while you can! 

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