Happy New Year – 2021

A Valuable Addition to the Team – Anna Donato!

We are always here to help you with all your real estate needs … we couldn’t have done it without the support of our clients, friends who referred friends and family!

Selling a property through visibility

Do you want to sell your property quickly and at the best price? For Peter Rawski & Anna Donato, real estate brokers, it is essential to be visible in order to find a buyer as soon as possible. We now work with many brokers, both in Canada and internationally.

Our Team likes challenges. This is why it focuses more on selling than buying a property.

Plex, cottage, residential house or apartment, Londono Group will stop at nothing. On its website, it even offers a guarantee to buy your property if it is not sold.

Over the years, this outstanding Londono team has managed to distinguish ourself by developing many tools to support her clients throughout this important stage in their life.

International visibility

Our team is fluent in French, English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish & Italian which has enabled us to develop a vast network of contacts in the real estate sector around the world.

Little by little, it therefore began to promote the properties of its clients beyond Canadian borders by offering them better visibility around the planet.

To do this, each property is translated, displayed and valued on more than a hundred websites and international portals, thus increasing the opportunities for the sale and purchase of real estate in Montreal.

This visibility allows at the same time to sell a property more quickly, but also to have better negotiation leverage. “We only work with buyers who have previously qualified, with their bank for example,” adds the broker.

Team work

In addition to visibility, we believe that the system that we have put in place has a lot to do with our success. For example, we offers sellers a free online valuation of their property.

It can also count on a solid team of people responsible for providing daily support, for example by responding to requests for information from its clients and potential buyers and brokers.

Pick the Right Team & Ask the Right Questions!

Knowledge = confidence. Ignorance = fear. It’s not difficult to decide which one is better, especially when your income is at stake.

“What’s important to you in the agent you choose to represent you?”

“If there was an advantage in time, money or marketing exposure, would it be worth just 15 minutes of your time for us to get together?”

“If the home’s not selling, it’s not compelling to buyers in today’s market.”

Did you know about the… “three-option pricing strategy conversation.”

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