Buyers Can Visit 70+ New Condo Projects At Quebec’s Biggest Construction Showcase

Buyers on the market for a new-dev condo should definitely mark their calendars with the “Open House Weekends” construction showcase starting on March 30.

The Open House Weekends showcases 70+ new-dev condos ad will be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 30, 31, April 6 and 7, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Over 2 weekends, more than 70 new construction condo projects will open their doors to shoppers and looky-loos alike, with the aim of showcasing their model homes to the Montreal market. Newly built rental units will also featured.

With Montreal Island firmly in a seller’s market, where prices are on the rise and sales frequently result in bidding wars, the construction of purpose-built condo projects has quickly gained popularity. Despite the boom in condo construction in Montreal’s downtown core, the pace of development still hasn’t caught up with buyer demand, as evidenced by the competitive buying environment in Montreal’s central boroughs.

Founder Jacques Beaulieu started the Open House Weekends construction showcase as a way of filtering out the noise and simplifying the shopping experience for Montreal buyers. There are currently more than 600 new construction projects to choose from in the CMA, which makes requesting information and organizing visits a tedious and time consuming project. During the Open House Weekend, buyers can view more than 70 condo projects displayed at once, easily comparing specs, prices and features for each.

The participating projects are segmented into six categories:

  • Affordable homes (less than $250,000 plus taxes)
  • Family-oriented homes with three or more bedrooms
  • Affordable luxury units for second-time buyers
  • Upscale properties including both new luxury condos and houses
  • Projects for buyers over the age of 55
  • Projects with apartments for rent.

The event also offers special tours to showcase sustainable development, interior design and ‘smart’ home trends (incorporating Internet-connected electronics to enhance safety and control lights, climate control and appliances).

For buyers prioritizing green development, the Open House Weekends’ sustainable development tour spotlights around a half-dozen projects that feature environmentally friendly LEED-certified construction, or are examples of transit-oriented or pedestrian-oriented design.

Buyers seeking senior-oriented housing for themselves or a family member can browse through purpose-built condos geared towards buyers over the age of 55. These projects are different than seniors’ homes, as they are designed for fully independent living, but they include features that facilitate accessibility and amplify wellbeing.

Techies will enjoy the smart home showcase, demonstrating electronics that make condo living safer, more eco-friendly or more convenient. Some of these features will be on display at one of the model homes at the Ambiance Plein Sud project in Longueuil during the Open House Weekends.

Design buffs may want to browse new interior trends among the participants of the Habitat Design Awards. Visitors to these homes can vote for their favourite model unit, and the winner will be announced in October. Most of the projects featured in the awards will also have model homes on display during the showcase.

Visitors can also explore the Domus Award-winning homes, which are projects recognized for excellence in the building industry by the APCHQ, the provincial construction industry association.

The 70+ featured projects are only a small slice of the choices available on the market today, but will surely make it easier for buyers to compare offerings and to get a sense of current market trends.

The Open House Weekends will be held on Saturday and Sunday, March 30, 31, April 6 and 7, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, visit

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