Pro & Cons of Condo Living

Pro & Cons of Condo Living

The majority of my life I’ve lived in detached homes or a Plex.

Since  2009,  Having sold many condos in the past 10yr.  I’ve come to terms with the pros & cons of condo living & thought I’d share them with you. If you’re on the fence about downsizing, take these factors into consideration!


1. New Heights: If you are afraid of heights, or not used to them this can be an adjustment when moving to a condo. I have bought units on the  30th floor of DT MTL Condo which for me was A LOT but some buildings in the Downtown are 40++storeys high! At first, it was a bit disorienting, but now I am used to it and can enjoy the view from above.

2. New Neighbours: This can be both good & bad. Most condominiums have over 100 units, meaning you’ll now have over 100 new neighbors! Though you won’t meet everyone, chances are you’ll run into someone while checking your mail, and running to work or the store. Condominiums have their own little vertical community. My building even has a Facebook group where residents can chat, ask questions & host events!

3. Monthly Fire Alarms: For safety reasons, this is a great thing! BUT when you work from home and the fire alarm goes blaring off it can be a bit annoying!

4. Elevator Maintenance & Malfunctions: I know this is a pet peeve for many! Whether an elevator is being used for someone to move in, is broken or is going through maintenance, when even one elevator is down this can really delay the whole building. Some days you’ll have to wait a little longer to leave and a little longer to come home. This is inevitable in all condos. There are some buildings notorious for elevator issues. I’m not naming any names here but there is one condo, about 50 stories high and on average the elevator wait time is 30 minutes. If you want more info on which buildings experience this level of frustration shoot me an email!

5. Size: If you are making the transition from a home to a condo, sometimes the size can take a bit of getting used to. Eventually, you’ll learn how to optimize the smaller square footage and make it work for you!


1. No More Shovelling Snow: For me this way a BIG plus! Every home I’ve ever lived in has had an extremely large and long driveway, and who was tasked to shovel all that snow? ME. Property Management takes responsibility for the snow removal in the common areas so you don’t have to! Parking is typically in above or underground parking garages so no need to scrap ice & snow off your car either! Same goes for mowing lawns & yard maintenance!

2. Garbage Shoots: No more storing endless garbage & recycling in your house until garbage day, no more running out and dragging your garbage bin to the side of the road, or worrying which day is recycling and which day is garbage! Majority of condominium buildings have garbage shoots on each floor where you are easily able to take your garbage out when needed and sort it appropriately. Have any gently used items that you don’t need anymore but don’t want to throw out? Some buildings have donation boxes or a ‘take something, leave something’ room where residents can drop off and pick up what they need!

3. On-site Retail & Amenities: Many condominiums have grade level stores, restaurants, and/or retail. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that! For example, my building has a pizza place at ground level, which makes dinner on lazy nights super easy! Also, Most condominium buildings have amenities for all residents to take advantage of. These include but are not limited to indoor and outdoor pools, party rooms, gyms, saunas, etc.

4. Security & Concierge Services: •Package Delivery •You never have to worry about that Amazon box being taken from your front porch while you are at work. Packages are given to the concierge desk and stored for you to pick up when you come home. •Secure Mailboxes •You never have to worry about someone stealing your mail! •Condominiums have mailbox rooms where your mailbox is only accessible by Canada post and you via a key(s). •Dry Cleaning Services •Some buildings offer dry cleaning services where you can drop off a bag of clothes to your concierge desk and soon after it is delivered back to your condo clean & pressed! (Charges Apply).  *** Note * There are some condominium buildings that do not have a concierge, or where the concierge hours are limited.

5. Proximity: Most condominiums are in very dense urban areas, so likely you’ll be in close proximity to stores, restaurants, parks, & transit. If you curious about making the switch to a condominium, but want to know if it can work with your lifestyle, give me a call and we can discuss!

Have other pros & cons?

Leave a comment below!

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