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    A Look at the Hottest Condo Projects in Town

    Pick Your Project: A Look at the Hottest Condo Projects in Town

    With the 21,982 new condos that were built in the city of Montreal in 2014, there’s no lack of options for those looking to buy a new home. The challenge is sorting through the register of new developments, and knowing which ones are worth investing in.

    Here is a list of the top condo projects we’d recommend in Griffintown and Old Montreal. Each of them have unique features that make them stand out from the rest; be it their location, their amenities, their price, or their ergonomic design.

    Image Source: The District Griffin Website.

    1. District Griffin. (Phase 1&2) 

    Location: Griffintown: Phase 1 by the canal and Phase 2 by the park.

    Sales Price: $250 000 and up.

    Rental Price: $1500-3000  for a semifurnished condo and $2000-4000 for a fully furnished one.

    Unique Selling Point: Its proximity to services and convenient location. Its location is such that a short walk will get you to the downtown core, the Old Port, or the Lachine Canal for summer weekend picnics.  And if you ever forget how well situated you are, the huge glass windows with panoramic views of the city will remind you in no time.

    Amenities: Interior and exterior swimming pool, sauna, bbq, gym.

    Bonus: An amazing rooftop terrace with an unobstructed, panoramic view of the Old Port, Downtown core and Lachine Canal.

    Find a unit for sale in District Griffin here.  

    2. Bassins du Havre

    Location: On the banks of the Lachine Canal in Griffintown (1548 Bassin) .

    Sales Price: Starting at 248,000.

    Rental Price: $1100-2000 a month  for a semi-furnished condo and $1800-2800 a month for a fully furnished one. We have 5 listings in this project, contact us to visit!

    Unique Selling Point: If your lifestyle is geared towards health, serenity, and eco-friendliness, this project is for you. Despite being steps away from the downtown core its architecture and layout is carefully designed to recreate a natural oasis, with green courtyards, parks, artificial canals and terraces on the water. With the Lachine Canal so close-by, nature-lovers that like to frequently get away on long walks, kayaks trips or biking excursions will be right at home here. Also, the entire project was developed sustainably in accordance to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) standards, a certification which minimizes the ecological footprint of the building whilst maximizing the air quality and comfort of the inhabitants.

    Amenities: Yoga & Pilates Studio, BBQ Area, Courtyard, Bike Storage, Terrace, Pool, Sport Centre, Storage Space, Rooftop Terrace, Lounge

    Bonus: Electric car chargers for the eco-conscious driver!

    3. Carrée de la Montagne

    Location: Heart of Griffintown (225 Rue de la Montagne)

    Sales Price: Starting at $250,000.

    Rental Prices: Fully furnished at $1500-3000 a month and semi furnished at $1000-1800.

    Unique Selling Point: The project truly embodies the hyper-urban, industrial-chic character of Griffintown. With its red brick façade, its sharp geometric architecture and open concept living spaces, it blends the historical factory-feel with modern minimalism. So if you’re urban at heart and you want a condo that reflects it, Carré de la Montagne is for you.

    Amenities:  Rooftop pool, Lounge, Interior parking.

    Extra: You can watch Old Port fireworks from the comfort of your rooftop terrace.

     4. The Solano

    Location: Near the clock tower in the Old Port. (Rue de la Commune and Rue St Hubert).

    Average price: $300,000 and up.

    Rentals: Semi-furnished at $1200 to 3200 a month and fully furnished at 1800-4500 a month.

    Unique Selling Point: The Old Port lifestyle that comes with it. It’s a fun and happening area at all times of the year; in the summer there are countless exhibitions, patios, and 5 à 7 events to make the most of, and in the Winter you’ll have Montreal’s best ice-skating rink right by your back yard.

    Amenities: Gym, Sauna, Indoor garage.

    Extra: A saltwater pool.


    5. Yoo Montreal

    Location: Griffintown (1165 Rue Ottawa).

    Sales Price: Starting at $196 000.

    Unique Selling Point: The décor. Yoo was conceived under the creative direction of Philippe Starck, the renowned French designer who has produced masterpieces in forms that range from juice squeezers to restaurants and hotels to Steve Job’s private yacht. You can pick from three different condo styles- “Culture,” (bold tones, assemblage) “Minimal” (bare palettes, simple aesthetics) and “Nature” (wooden accents, raw materials), though all three embody the art-deco vibe that Starck stands for.

    Amenities: spa, fitness center, terraces, exterior lounge with fireplaces, and a club/TV room.

    Extra: The ground floor restaurant provides room service.

     6. The Lowneys

    Location: Griffintown/Old Montreal; varies according to phase.

    Sales Price: Starting at $109,000.

    Rental Prices: Semi-furnished at $1200 to 3000 a month and fully furnished at $1700-4000 a month.

    Unique Selling Point: It’s a social hub. The demographic is mainly young professionals, and you can expect a dynamic, networked lifestyle while living at the Lowneys. If you like living in a setting where you meet your neighbours and socialize at the rooftop pool, the Lowneys is probably your best pick.

    Amenities: Furnished terrace, indoor and rooftop swimming pool, backyard, bbq, relaxation areas…and our personal fave: hammocks on the rooftop terrace!

    Extra: A summer cottage for the residents, or a 5,500 sq.ft sports center with a whirlpool!

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