Realty Team also focuses on specific markets in the field of investment and project management of both commercial and residential real estate. Our goal is to obtain the highest return on investment for our clients. We present clear and comprehensive arguments using current data and market trends to help guide our clients towards a more profitable and successful transaction. In providing innovative strategies and analyzing the best potential return on investment, our clients benefit from the tools and expert knowledge that are necessary to make a good real estate investment. Even the use of conservative growth estimates and associated ownership cost will yield over 10% R.O.I (Return on investment) under our guidance.What’s more, we have dealt with arduous and difficult government institutions in the past for re-development projects (daycares, condominium conversion etc..) and we have a thorough understanding of the whole process. Combining our past experiences and level of success on previous projects look for new opportunities to maximize the potential of our clients investments.

We are also specialists in the rental of apartments or condos units in the Downtown area and are familiar with the rules and regulations as well as having the competences required to calculate a return on investment and any income or associated costs with regards to the ‘buy to rent’ investment plan. For more information on this, please click here.

Is it important to have an understanding of the financial objectives needed to comply with the criteria of prospective financial institutions (i.e. re-financing). We work closely with financial institutions and industry experts. We also have a large network and close ties to reputable general contractors, architects, engineers and notaries.

Our services also include: leasing, qualifying prospective lessees and overseeing leasehold improvements.

Our expert advice is based on accurate and relevant market analysis. We invite you to contact us at your convenience for any questions or queries.





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