25 Reasons Why I love Montreal – and You Should Too!

afbdd87ecdfd22392edec4d142f6084d25 Reasons Why Montreal Rocks

  1. Montreal is known around the world
  2. Montreal is a multi-cultural city
  3. Montreal has great universities
  4. Montreal has an amazing nightlife
  5. Montreal has a vast array of restaurants
  6. Montreal has the best food
  7. Montreal has many summer events
  8. Montreal has a popular hockey team
  9. Montreal has a beautiful mountain
  10. Montreal has a beautiful old port
  11. Montreal has many museums
  12. Montreal has many shopping centers
  13. Montreal is amazing during the summer
  14. Montreal has a European charm
  15. Montreal has a new big hospital
  16. Montreal is improving its public libraries
  17. Montreal has many winter activities
  18. Montreal has the best poutines
  19. Montreal has the best smoke meat
  20. Montreal has the craziest hockey fans
  21. Montreal has the best downtown walk
  22. Montreal has amazing fireworks
  23. Montreal has the best festivals
  24. Montreal has history
  25. Montreal is unique!

Do you love Montreal as much as I do? Why?

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