Peter Rawski; YUL Airport Real Estate Broker

Happy 5 year Anniversary!…. Thank you to the YUL Airport Community,  for allowing me to continue to serve them for all their real estate needs here in Montreal and surrounding area…

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Peter Rawski; YUL Airport Network Real Estate Broker


In addition to providing airport services consistent with the needs of the community, the mission of YUL Airport Network is to foster the community development of Greater Montréal and co-exist in harmony with the surrounding environment.


En plus d’offrir des services aéroportuaires qui répondent aux besoins  de la collectivité, YUL Aéroports Network a pour mission de favoriser le développement économique du Grand Montréal et de maintenir une cohabitation harmonieuse avec le milieu.



Free_ServicesFREE Serves with Every Home/Condo Purchases…

May Include; Home inspections, Notary Costs, Open Home Party – on Us!) …call us for more details…





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