Montreal Is Hosting A Free Ukrainian Food Festival

For the 16th year in a row, the Montreal Ukrainian Festival will be making its way back to Parc l’Ukraine in Rosemont-


La Petite Patrie. From September 11-13, you’ll be able to head over there and fully immerse yourself in the Ukrainian culture with everything from food to dance.

There will be over 40 different performers, dancers, and bands from all over Canada and the Ukraine, 3 different film screenings, workshops for kids, and of course lots and lots of food! You’ll be able to familiarize yourself will pretty much every aspect of the Ukrainian culture. The past few years have seen more than 18,000 people in attendance, so you can be sure the festival will be bustling all weekend long.

The festival is hoping to promote Ukrainian heritage and culture in Montreal, and increase awareness of the contributions of Canadian-Ukrainians in Quebec, and if that means being able to eat exponential amounts of delicious food while watching great performances, then so be it!

For more info check out their Facebook page.


Photo Cred – Montreal Ukranian Festival

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