*** Active MLS Listings ***

Update: Aug. 1, 2015

Duplex Listings via PDF. Duplex

Duplex Criteria: Montreal – 450K-550K, Revenue 20K+

2plex_001 2plex_002

Triplex Listings via PDF. TriPlex

Triplex Criteria: Montreal – 550K-650K, Revenue +30K

3plex_001 3plex_002

Condo Listings via PDF. DT Condos +200K_full list

Condo Criteria: Montreal – 800sq/ft, 2Br, Garage, 200K-450K

DT Condos +200K_full list_001 DT Condos +200K_full list_002 DT Condos +200K_full list_003 DT Condos +200K_full list_004 DT Condos +200K_full list_005

Laval Condo Listings via PDF. Condo Laval 200K+

Condo Criteria: Laval – 800sq/ft, 2Br, Garage, 200K-450K

Condo Laval 200K+_001 Condo Laval 200K+_002 Condo Laval 200K+_003 Condo Laval 200K+_004

House Listings via PDF. House_4sale_400K+

Criteria: Montreal –  3Br, 2Bt, Garage, 400K-700K

house_4sale_400K+_001 house_4sale_400K+_002 house_4sale_400K+_003 house_4sale_400K+_004 house_4sale_400K+_005 house_4sale_400K+_006

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