The top five fears that are holding you back


Real estate is a highly paced, intensively competitive industry. You have to get known around your location and build a reputation, and each success is bittersweet. Every time you make a sale you have to find another client.

There are five main fears people face in their professional lives. Sometimes these fears can practically paralyze you and hold you back from the success you deserve. Here are the top 5 fears and how to combat them.

1. Fear of success

Personal and business coach Joe James of Red Deer, Alta., says this is the No. 1 thing holding people back in business.

“The fear of success comes from this: change takes work. It can be hard work and although progress feels good, repeating that and sustaining it is the hard part,” says James.

He says the best way to overcome the fear of success is by putting yourself out there as a sales rep. Ask what the successful people did to achieve their triumph. Realize that small victorious steps are encouraging; but if you want big success, you will eventually have to take the big steps.

2. Fear of failure

Sometimes the fear of failure is overwhelming. The comfort zone keeps you in a lowered state of existence that, while not as pleasant as doing well, seems to be better than the risks of failing.

“Say what if. Instead of what if something bad happens, what if something good happens instead?” says James.

What if you fail but learn something, which leads to greater success? What if you succeed, or meet someone who can help you succeed? This is where a mentor can be extremely helpful.

3. Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown is fear of anything that could happen, no matter how outrageous or unlikely. For example, lying in bed at night talking yourself out of going cold calling in the morning “in case” you get the flu or because there is a noise in the car, which is logically just the fan but “could be” something worse?

Think about the positive unknowns. If you pick the right neighbourhood, maybe you will even be able to sell several houses on the same block. While going door to door, you might meet a new friend whom you cherish for a lifetime, or find information that you didn’t know before.

4. Fear of rejection

Fear of rejection is the fear that you will feel even worse if you fail. It can be when a transaction is taken too personally. Say a deal falls apart after it conditionally sold, or a prospective client who says they will call you when they’re ready instead goes to the competition. Don’t over analyze these events on a personal level. If you do know the reasons for being rejected, work hard on correcting those points for next time around. Keeping a professional and objective viewpoint makes for a much more relaxed and calm sales rep, which leads to better sales.

5. Fear of being overwhelmed

Take all of the little fears and stick them inside one large pot. Now step inside the pot. This is what it is like to have the fear of being overwhelmed. James offers advice on a shift in your mindset that might do the trick. “Think about how it’s all about making connections and contributing to people’s lives in real estate and business. Feel good if you can help them.”

In other words, remember who you are doing this for. It isn’t just about you, but the people you are selling homes to and finding homes for. Think of the human interaction side of things. How can you improve on that? Are there ways that you can think differently in order to handle the issues that might come up?

Fears grow and thrive in negative conditions. Small things such as not enough sleep, dehydration, under or overeating and especially taking time off to have fun and play all impact how you do your job. Think of your brain as your main asset. If you take care of your body, your brain will be happy. Not trying as hard as you really want to feels the same as failing, but at least if you try you are doing something.

The unknown isn’t just a negative pit; it’s also that space where opportunity and connection and growth occur. If you fear being rejected, realize that you are already rejecting yourself by dwelling on the problem rather than the solution. Even action ending in failure is better than no action. You are only given one life, so go all in and let your individual talents shine. Follow the tips above and you will find that you can handle life one thing at a time.

By Yvonne Dick

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