Practical Advice – Buyers

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This is it! You’re ready to buy a house, a condominium or a second home. This transaction needs to be taken really seriously as it usually involves an important amount of money. Real estate agents and brokers are there to help! They have all the necessary skills and knowledge to guide you through the whole process leading to the purchase and helping you to satisfactorily conduct this transaction.

By hiring a real estate agent or broker, you will…

•Be able to evaluate homes of interest to you, based on your needs.

•Receive the necessary expertise to put together a transaction that will be profitable over the years.

•Have pertinent information on the price of houses that were sold during the last few months in the area of your choice.

•Obtain relevant tips according to your needs.

•Be able to target properties that best correspond to your criteria and your budget.

•Be in good hands when you sign the deed of sale.

•Have access to the MLS database through your agent, which contains the best up to date and complete information on properties for sale. If you dig a little, you will see that agents and brokers are an endless source of advice!

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