24 Insanely Clever Remodeling Ideas For Your New Home


Ever wonder how you can make your home more special, more attractive, or just more fun? Well, lets get those creative gears turning with some amazing ideas that you just have to check out! Whether it’s increasing storage space, adding usable room to your house, or just enhancing luxury we have something for you.

You know those couches you just sink into? How about those couches on a sunken floor?

Via Gawe Omah

How about an attic room that’s just one giant pillow? Let the cuddle puddles commence!

Via Pinterest

Tired of being on ‘dirty dishes duty’? Lengthen your downtime by doubling the washer capacity.

Via Monogram

Need some extra deck space and a loftier view? Tree houses have all kinds of perks.

Via The Lettered Cottage

Adding an artistic garden cottage is an awesome way to add a magical element of personal space and relaxation.

Via Sunset

Ever wonder why the entire space between cabinets and floors aren’t used? Well, someone did. Under cabinet drawers are an excellent way to increase your storage capacity.

Via Family Handyman

No remodeling project is complete without adding a bookshelf door.

Via Urban Core Ventures

Magnetic walls can be a great place to randomly place metallic items or shelves for storage. They are also amusing when friends with metal plates in their heads come over.

Via MagnekTik

This is basically a shower lounge chair. Hot showers have never been so chill.

Via Continental SA

Who doesn’t want their open ceiling to feel like Spider Man’s hammock?

Via Arch Daily

Fancy walk-in showers are great for steaming up the home on a cold night.

Via Pinterest

Counter-top chutes for trash and recycling is just genius, plain and simple.

Via Apartment Therapy

Have a storage room that feels like something out of a Transformers movie.

Via DIY Cozy Home

Another “transformer room” that hides a bed.

Via MRF Construction Inc.

Have some dead space above your stairs? Make it come to life as a playroom for the kids, big or small!

Via Apartment Therapy
Via Apartment Therapy

Island refrigerators are a great way to separate out your special items from the family “grab zones.”

Via My Home Lookbook

Pull out cabinets are a genius way to make for adjustable counter space.

Via One Kindesign

Jets in a kitchen sink? Helps with dishwashing, I’m sure. How long before you think someone tries to climb into one of these?

Via Tubz

Turn your walls into vacuum cleaners. I’m serious!

Via Aerus

Sky lights are always a romantic way to enhance the bedroom.

Via My Dream Abode

How about a fireplace for heating both the bathtub, and the bedroom? It’s open on both sides.

Via Eldorado Stone

Who doesn’t like seating next to a cozy fire?

Via My Home Lookbook

Finally, plan for your ultimate sleep overs with bunk rooms. Building forts has never been so much fun.

Via Houzz

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