Miss Polonia – Montreal ‘2015

Congratulations to all the contestants… good luck to the new Miss Polonia’15… Cheers!


Psst. Gentlemen FYI:

Why you should marry a Polish girl?

** In this post I am not trying to offend anyone, I am not being racist, macho or anti-feminist, it is just a post written with a sense of humor**

Some time ago I received a few suggestions from our women readers about writing a post about the Polish women. So I though to write a post called ‘Why you should marry a Polish girl?’ – I loved the idea, so here we go.

I have been living in Poland for almost 2 years, the time here has been fantastic and the truth is that it is incredible how many times a man can fall in love in this country. From my personal point of view, these are the reasons why you should marry a Polish girl:

  • They are the most beautiful, pretty and sexy woman I have ever seen
  • They are really intelligent and smart – if you are a man, I´m afraid they will be smarter that you
  • They speak more than 1 language fluently – something good if you are a foreigner
  • They are possessive (some of them do exaggerate) but being with these women you cannot say anything
  • They can drink, drink and drink litres of vodka and not get drunk – I have not been able to beat them in that
  • They have the secret of the eternal youth – they look like 20 years old and they might have more than 30
  • They have beautiful eyes that hypnotise the bravest men
  • They are really close to their families – if they live in another city they will go to visit them a lot of times during the year
  • A lot of variety – tall, short, blonde, redheads, brunettes, blue eyes, green eyes, pink eyes, etc.
  • They are proud of their history, culture, language and country
  • They are really open to new things and new people
  • They love to dance – one advantage for all the Latino guys
  • They know how to cook – well, not all of them, but you can always order a pizza
  • They dress and make up like top models
  • And they are so incredibly HOT!!!! (with all the respect)



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