International Associates/Partners


Leverage Global Partners 

…Local Real Estate Expertise, On A Global Scale.



We are individuals committed to working together in a cooperative manner to enhance and enrich the lives of those we touch and have the honor to serve. Personal integrity and complete accountability guide each of our actions for the benefit of our clients needs, trusting that as the needs of our clients are met, so will our needs be fulfilled.


Built on the philosophy that before we may best negotiate our client’s interests, first we need to clearly understand them. We commit to taking the time to understand our client’s needs and objectives so that we may then secure them through comprehensive negotiation strategies and proven technique.


Each member of Leverage Global Partners is considered part of a team that understands Trust is hard earned and easily lost. We recognize that earning the Trust of our clients comes from honoring each and every commitment we make on our clients behalf. We acknowledge and accept this responsibility, confident that the culmination of these efforts will produce excellent results for our clients.

Each member of Leverage Global Partners has been individually selected based on their recognition and expertise in the field of real estate as caring, conscientious experts as well as their willingness to whole-heartedly operate under the terms of this Code of Care. We understand and accept these principles, and we honor and commit to be held accountable to uphold these standards of practice.

Ukraine, Kiev Associates

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Looking for Real Estate / Apartment Rentals / Office Space.. Vacation home in  Kiev, Ukraine,… Contact Us and be connected to our NewTeam of Associate’s in Ukraine,

Poland, Warsaw Associates


Miller-Fukuda Real Estate company has been in real estate business since 1994, rendering renting and selling services of the best apartments and houses in Warsaw and its suburbs.

The list of our clients includes the most renowned foreign firms, institutions and embassies.
Professionalism, long experience and high quality of the services rendered enabled us to gain confidence and trust of our customers. Our agents speak Polish, English and German / French.

We are a member of:

  • Warsaw Estate Agents Association (WSPON),
  • Polish MLS system,


Dear Clients,

The MAXON Nieruchomości agency has been providing real estate brokerage services for over 20 years. There are currently 60 experienced employees at your disposal,
30 of whom are licensed Real Estate Brokers. We offer our advice on sales, purchase, and rental of residential and offices, warehouse, shops.


Jak możemy Ci pomóc?

Agencja Nieruchomości MAXON już ponad 20 lat świadczy usługi w zakresie pośrednictwa w obrocie nieruchomościami. Do Państwa dyspozycji pozostaje 70-cio osobowy zespół, w tym 30 osób to licencjonowani Pośrednicy Nieruchomości. Nasze biuro nieruchomości służy Państwu pomocą w sprzedaży, zakupie i wynajmie nieruchomości. Pośrednictwo nieruchomości: rynek wtórny i pierwotny. Teren naszego działania to Warszawa i okolice Warszawy.


Biura, lokalu, magazynu do wynajęcia, a może chcesz zainwestować w nieruchomości komercyjne. Skontaktuj się z nami, a my pomożemy Ci w całym procesie.


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