The Best Montreal Neighborhoods For Young Professionals

The Best Montreal Neighborhoods For Young Professionals

Montreal Neighorboods

Mile end street corner in Montreal

It’s important that a neighborhood accommodates your lifestyle, and that’s never been more true when applied to the lifestyle of a young professional. Young professionals need a specific balance between work and play, and preferably the ability to do so close to home. Access to public transportation, nightlife, fitness, and other specific amenities all contribute to a fitting area for this rising demographic. If you’re moving to Montreal as a young professional, here are the best Montreal neighborhoods to check out.

Old Montreal

Montreal Neighborhoods

To the untrained eye, Old Montreal is simply a popular place for tourists. While it is typically packed on the weekends with visitors, there’s more to this neighborhood under the surface. Old Montreal is famous for its incredibly historic curb appeal. Cobblestone streets, classic architecture, and old churches create an authentic European atmosphere. While it’s been a longtime home for older, affluent Montreal residents, it’s recently become a great area for the young professional. Those who are looking for the modern loft style condo flock here because there are many new developments arriving in the old buildings. The neighborhood is in close proximity to the downtown core and the Montreal stock exchange. There are also many small media companies with offices in Old Montreal. Tons of popular local restaurants, cafes, and bars make Old Montreal a great place for the young professional to socialize.


Montreal Neighborhoods

Saint-Henri was established in 1685 and became a neighborhood for the working-class and many Irish immigrants. It remained an industrial area until recent years when major gentrification began. The transformation of Saint-Henri is still underway, but the progress so far has put it in the “up and coming” hot seat in Montreal. The old industrial buildings have attracted condo developers and businesses alike. Many modern condos are appearing in the area, as well as multimedia companies and advertising agencies. The neighborhood harnesses a certain artistic character, which has attracted many creative young professionals instead of corporate types. The housing prices remain reasonable compared to surrounding neighborhoods. Although the upscale restaurants have yet to arrive, there are charming bars frequented by the local young crowd.

Griffintown_Cite du Multimedia

Montreal Neighborhoods

If you head southwest of Montreal’s Centre-ville, you’ll find a neighborhood where industrial and modern styles find perfect harmony. Like Saint-Henri, Griffintown began as a popular area for Irish immigrants, and it quickly took on an industrial persona. It eventually became rather vacant, until the city started transforming the area in the 1990’s. By 2012, Montreal announced a total revitalization project of the neighborhood. Today, Griffintown has the highest concentration of condos in Montreal. The location along the Lachine Canal makes Griffintown a great place for a new home. In addition to new housing, lots of businesses are opening offices in available loft spaces, most commonly multimedia companies (including Navut!) While it’s not yet a central area for dining and nightlife, trendy new storefronts are popping up each month. Within the next few years, Griffintown is promised to be full of new restaurants, bars, and boutiques.

Mile End

Montreal Neighorboods

The Mile End and Montreal’s hip young crowd have become synonymous with one another. This neighborhood has increasingly become the place to be for the ideal young professional lifestyle. It was historically a popular place for new immigrants and the working class, but began undergoing major gentrification in the 1990’s. The revitalization started due to a flock of artists, musicians, and filmmakers infiltrating the area. Today, it has been transformed into Montreal’s primary “cool” neighborhood. The dedicated community of artists still reside here, but a new wave of exciting startup companies have opened local offices and attracted young professionals. In addition to employment, the local amenities offer everything a young person needs in a neighborhood. The restaurants, bars, and niche storefronts are endless. It only takes a few minutes to stroll down to Plateau Mont-Royal, which provides even more options for social outings.

All of these great neighborhoods have a community of thriving young professionals. However, it’s important to find out what area accommodates your personal lifestyle. By Justin Lee


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