When listing your home with Us, We will request the following items:

  • Deed(s) of Sale
  • Property Survey or Certificate of Location
  • Most recent Municipal & School tax bills
  • Deed(s)of Loan
  • Lender’s name, address, phone, contact person, mortgage account number,
    rate and term plus amortization period. If there are other loans or mortgages
    against the property, supply same information as above.
  • Invoices for renovations or repairs done
  • House keys
  • Contact Information
  • Your work number
  • Spouse work number
  • Other contact person (if required)
  • Utility bills (electric, gas, and water)
  • Attractive exterior photos of your home in other seasons (if available)
  • Your thoughts on special features of your home or community
  • Personal property which may be included in the sale-whatever you feel might
    have special marketing value to the average buyer

For a condominium or townhouse he will also require:

  • Association Declaration and Bylaws
  • Association Certificate of Insurance
  • Association current budget
  • Minutes of Association’s meetings
  • Assessment (if any) and telephone number of the Association’s contact person

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