Canadian Immigration – News – Citizenship Application Process


Good news came from Citizenship and Immigration Canada this week, as they announced that applicants who fail their first Canadian citizenship test will be allowed the opportunity to rewrite the test.

Previously applicant who failed their first test had to wait for an appointment with a citizenship judge, which could take a number of months. The change will allow for applicants to be informed of their test results immediately after they complete it. Those who fail the test but meet all other criteria will be given a date a few weeks later to rewrite the test. If the test is passed, the individual will be scheduled for a citizenship ceremony.

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney stated “this is one of many recent improvements that have been made to the citizenship process to ensure the timely welcoming of new citizens.”

For those currently waiting to see a citizenship judge due to a previously failed test, this new system will be provide them with the opportunity to rewrite the test.

Additionally, an announcement was also made which states that all family members listed on one application will not require approval at the same time. Under the previous system, families who had applied together were held up when only on family member failed a knowledge or language test. Now, those who are successful will be informed that they may have their applications processed independently. The result is that fewer applications will need to wait for processing and those successful can move on to being granted citizenship.

Furthermore, with the addition of eight citizenship judges being added since January, there will be more decisions on applications and more citizenship ceremonies taking place.

“Together, these measures combined will result in faster processing of citizenship applications,” said Minister Kenney. “We know that newcomers look forward to acquiring their Canadian citizenship and we are committed to helping qualified applicants acquire this privilege in a timely manner.”

You can find out more information about your citizenship eligibility by visiting Determine your eligibility – Citizenship.

If you or anyone you know would like to speak to an immigration lawyer about immigrating to Canada, please contact our team.

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