First Time Home Buyer Seminar – July. 27, 2014


First Time Home Buyer SeminarAre you thinking about getting into the real estate market as a home owner or investor for the first time? Or do you know of anyone looking to purchase their first home? We would be grateful if you passed along the invitation! 

Topics we’ll be discussing at this First Time Home Buyer Seminar:

The costs of home ownership vs. renting
– How to get started in the home buying process
– The process finding and purchasing your first home
– What your money buys you in different areas
– Hot spots to buy in

We’ll have our mortgage specialist from TD on hand to explain the mortgage process and answer any questions and you’ll also receive some information packages to help explain the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, a breakdown of closing costs and an overview of the process of buying your first home. AND it’ll be in a fun and non-threatening environment.

Don’t worry there’s nothing for sale and there’s no commitment, this is an educational event to demystify the buying process for our friends and their friends. Join us to figure out how to start building your wealth.

The event is limited to 30 seats so please RSVP to the link below by July 20,2014

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