Soundproofing an Apartment or Condo

Condo Soundproofing

One of the most common concerns with living in a condo is sound proofing. Acoustics With Design is a Toronto based company that has the perfect solution for soundproofing your condo! They specialize in creating custom wall mounted designs to reduce noise and reverberation in everything from corporate, commercial, institutional and residential spaces!

When a condo is complete, and the walls sealed shut – it’s often hard to correct a soundproofing issue. The acoustic panels from Wobedo Design, makes for a creative and athletically pleasing solution for after a building is complete. I’ve toured a ton of condos throughout the city and have seen everything from egg cartons to hideous pieces of foam as temporary solutions. With the acoustic panels, you can create custom sculptural patterns to match the look of your condo and keep the noise to a minimum.


The team at Acoustics With Design will assess your space (take measurements, run some sound reverberation tests), and depending on your needs, will recommend an optimal combination of products.  Installation of the panels is fairly easy, as each piece is mounted on to a velcro backing allowing the acoustic foam to be taken with you when it comes time to sell!

The foam panels essentially absorb the sounds from within the condo instead of allowing them to travel through the walls. I had the opportunity to test the product earlier this year at the Interior Design Show.  Held at the Metro convention centre, and bustling with people – I felt a dramatic drop in noise as soon as I stepped in the both! Contact Acoustics with Design to have them asses your condo

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