Real Estate Referrals

Top Service For Your Clients

Think about it_EN&FR 5x4_2014_final2Referral is the No.1 method of acquiring clients through friends, family, and satisfied clients. But another source of great referrals is REALTOR® referrals. Peter believes that networking through other real estate professional is an important cornerstone of his business.Peter is a Montreal REALTOR® since 2008. He attributes his success to his hard work, his strength of staying focused on his niche markets and client needs.Peter’s business has steadily grown to a point where majority of his business comes from returning clients, their friends and family, and real estate referrals from colleagues like you in other parts of the Greater Montreal Area, outside the Montreal, other Provinces, or even outside Canada. Peter serves residential real estate markets in Greater Montreal Area.

I appreciates your business and will pay your real estate brokerage top real estate referral fees (35%); better than the industry average, for referring your clients. You can be sure that your leads will be answered promptly and your clients will receive highest level of service, industry and market knowledge.

Something Special For Agents…

As a REALTOR® you might recall this. You refer a client and they buy a home. A few years go by. The phone rings. The buyers/sellers want to move again. You already got paid your real estate referral fee, right? In the normal workings of the real estate business, you receive your referral fee only once, but not with the referrals that you will send to me. When you send me your real estate referral, you get paid again and Again, and AGAIN… no matter how many times this buyer/seller moves, and uses my services.

So what are you waiting for? Contact me for all your Referrals today.

People Relocating to Montreal /Ottawa/ GTA

If you are someone who is relocating to Montreal or Ontario (GTA), outside Province or anywhere outside Canada and need to sell your property, let me know.  I will refer you to one of my colleagues, someone who specializes in your area and is a trusted professional. I have over 100 sales associates in 84 independently owned & operated offices in Canada.


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