My Promises to Buyers!

Peter’s  Professional Service Standards For Buyers Purchasing Their Home

Client-Agent Relationships

At the beginning of my client relationship, I will explain my client-agent obligations, noting that my client is my employer.

Structuring the Offer

After researching the market area, I will advise my clients on the most advantageous offer on their prospective home, reflecting varying terms and conditions of the offer. I will provide an up to date Comparative Market Analysis reflecting the most current market conditions.

Services Following Acceptance

After execution of the contract, I will guide my clients efficiently and expeditiously  through the inspection period. Maintaining communication with all necessary parties to ensure smooth progression through the entire process from lender approval of the loan to assisting with furniture placement in your new home.

Appointments and Negotiations

I will ensure that all negotiations by interested parties and other agents are coordinated through me.

Information of Market Activity              I will advise my clients on a regular basis on the availability of properties that match their criteria through means of personal website set up to notify buyer of any new listings on the market.


I will establish consistent communication with my clients, either in person, on the phone or via email and commit all understanding to writing.

Special Relocation Assistance

I will provide my clients with special relocation assistance moving into the area. This shall include vital community facts and information.

My Commitment

It is not only my business philosophy but also my commitment to provide my client with exemplary personalized service beyond your expectations in addition to sound real estate advice.

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