Landlords singled out as ‘Racists’

Canadian landlords, take note. You better watch your p’s and q’s when renting or you may get your knuckles rapped like some of your American counterparts facing new allegations about racial discrimination.

  Landlords singled out as 'Racists'

A new report is highlighting how minority homebuyers and renters are simply denied access to as many available properties as their white equivalents – an issue that has naturally ruffled a few feathers south of the border.

Specifically, the HUD study reveals black candidates were told about and allowed to view about 17 per cent fewer homes than whites. Asians were told about 15.5 per cent fewer homes and shown nearly 19 per cent fewer properties.

Hispanics, on the other hand, were told about and shown almost the exact number of homes as whites.

HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan said this kind of subtle discrimination limits the opportunities for minorities and makes the housing search more time consuming and expensive.

“Although we’ve come a long way from blatant, in-your-face housing injustice, racial discrimination still exists,” he said. “Just because it’s become less obvious doesn’t mean it’s less harmful.”

Racism in housing has also become a hot bed of debate in Canada of late, with various organizations voicing their opinions on the effects of foreign investors sweeping up units countrywide. A lot of this attention has been focused on the assumed-mass of Chinese nationals buying property in Vancouver and other markets.

Those assumptions simply aren’t backed up by reliable statistics, say members of Vancouver’s Chines community, concerned about any possible backlash because of price escalation.

Still, Canada’s traditional attractiveness to foreign buyers, and in particular the luxury end of the market, has not waned in recent years. According to Sotheby’s Top Tier Trend Report, half of the luxury home buyers in Montreal are from other countries, while in Vancouver its 40 per cent.

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