Tour Des Canadiens … Coming Soon,

Montreal’s first and only sports and entertainment condominium in the heart of the city at the Bell Centre.

Suites from the $250,000’s


Once in a lifetime, there comes an opportunity to be part of a timeless legend, to take your rightful place in history. This is that moment. Introducing Tour Des Canadiens – Montreal’s first and only sports and entertainment condominium, coming soon to the heart of the city at the Bell Centre – home of the Montreal Canadiens. Homeowners will get access to 5-star amenities, fantastic suite and penthouse designs, and a one-of-a-kind connectivity package to the Bell Centre and coveted Montreal Canadiens.


Home to hockey’s greatest franchise, the Montreal Canadiens, the Bell Centre is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by the best shopping, dining, galleries, boutiques and nightlife. Several highways and bridges converge on the Bell Centre, including Highways 10, 20, 40; Champlain, Victoria, Jacques-Cartier and Mercier bridges and the pont-tunnel Louis-Hippolyte-La Fontaine. _e Bell Centre and now Tour Des Canadiens has a direct connection to Montreal’s Underground City which means the Metro, VIA Rail, Eaton Centre, McGill and the entire city are at your finger-tips within minutes! The Underground City (officially RÉSO or La Ville Souterraine) is one of the world’s largest underground pedestrian networks. It has more than 30 km of passageways linking to transit, 1,600 boutiques, 200 restaurants. 34 cinemas as well as numerous hotels, museums, galleries and more – with direct access to the Bell Centre and your new home at Tour Des Canadiens!



The ratio of condos for rent is a good indicator of the market situation. Rentals usually represent a strategy for investors who want to gain a foothold in the housing market. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), relatively weak returns in other investments and a perception that condos provide a positive monthly cash flow are behind the huge popularity of condos as a sound investment. In the Montreal CMA, the share of condos available for rent (9.3%) is quite weak compared to Toronto (22.2%) and Vancouver (25.7%). the market in downtown Montreal and on Nuns’ Island is starkly different: more than 20% condos are rentals. In other areas of Montreal, it is below 10% and in Quebec, it is only 6.3%. the low vacancy rate, between 2% to 3%, indicates just how tight the rental market is in these CMA’s. In this context, new construction is unlikely to push this rental market into a surplus situation anytime soon. Despite strong construction in Montreal, the number of recently completed and unsold condos is relatively low. For the past 5 years, the number of unsold units (monthly average) has stood at 1,627 in the Montreal CMA, with close to 700 on the island itself, including 300 units downtown. _e rental market in Quebec is also strong, with only 2.3% of condos up for rent currently vacant. With the exception of the Basse-Ville area, the standing o_er in Quebec is very reasonable. A decline in prices for condos in Quebec CMA appears unlikely. _e existing market in Gatineau is experiencing a slight shortage, driving annual price increases of 5% to 10%. thus the situation in both these markets appears strong and price drops are unlikely.



Designed by architects Cardinal Hardy and Martin Marcotte/Beinhaker, Tour Des Canadiens will be located at the Bell Centre, at the corner of rue de la Montagne and l’Avenue des Canadiens, in the heart of downtown Montreal. Tour des Canadiens’ unique design will reflect the topography of its location. Straddling the natural ridge between the mountain and the river, Tour des Canadiens will become Montreal’s tallest residential building and an unmistakable visual landmark. With its sleek and modern design, Tour Des Canadiens will dominate the skyline with a dramatic architectural presence and panoramic 360° views. This iconic structure gives the illusion of two towers perched upon a dramatic podium. The taller charcoal tower stands in striking contrast to the lighter grey tower. This duality is representative of the Montreal landscape – the soaring mountains juxtaposed with the river. The architecture makes a statement about the division of Montreal into Upper and Lower, expressing Montreal’s physical and cultural diversity.

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