Market Commentary

Market Commentary

All eyes on the U.S. Federal Reserve / FOMC.  Markets are ready for some stimulus and most have already priced in some new, quantitative easing.  Look for an open-ended bond buying program and a renewed commitment to low interest rates.  North American equity markets are mixed.  Bond yields are down 4 – 5 pbs.

As if to put an exclamation point on the calls for more stimulus, first time jobless claims shot up for the first week of September.  There were more than 380,000 claims, well above expectations.  The 4-week rolling average moved up slightly to 375,000.  Elevated unemployment claims remain the most persistent sign of a slow recovery in the U.S.

In Canada, Q2 Industrial Capacity Utilization increased for the 3rd straight quarter, climbing to 81%, up five percentage points.

And new home prices in Canada climbed 0.1% between June and July.  They were unchanged in the Greater Toronto Area, indicating government efforts to cool the market may be working.  Year-over-year, new home prices are up 2.3%.

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4 ans Fixe Fermé 300k+ 4 years Fixed 300k+ 2.94%
5 ans Variable Fermé P-0.35 5 years Variable P-0.35 2.65%
7 ans Fixe Fermé 7 years Fixed 3.69%
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