Your First Home Seminar – 514.679.8578

Your First Home

The Buyer Seminar: Back to the Basics! This is an interactive seminar that is designed for first time buyers. It covers the basics of mortgages, the roles of all the professionals involved in the real estate purchase, and you will learn some options for all first time buyers in Toronto including grants and RRSPs.

A seminar designed for the  specific needs of first time buyers; how to avoid the common mistakes; where to buy; what to buy and why; the roles of the people on your team. PLUS Condo Overview an interactive seminar which examines the history and evolution of the condominium as a form of property ownership. The class covers the legal side of condo ownership, the organizational structure, and the lifestyle differences between condo and freehold homes.

This seminar includes: Seminar handouts and a FREE Consultation.

Booking of Consultation includes: CMHC Buyers Guide (over a 100 pages of vital information every buyer should know.)

What we do for you is invest our time consulting, negotiating and organizing the details of your transaction because we want you to have a superb experience that  causes you to want to introduce us to the people you care about most.

If this looks like this is a business relationship you would like to have, you will receive over a thousand dollars of valuable coupons and that is just the beginning.

See below:

  • The book “Your First Home” by Gary Keller and Dave Jenks
  • CMHC Home Buying Step by Step
  • Buyers Guide Handout
  • Certificate: Professional Staging Consultation redeemable with all signed Listing Agreements
  • Certificate: Professional Design Consultation redeemable with all signed Purchase & Sale Agreements

There is a Q &A session at the end of the seminar.

Register today to attend this Seminar.

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