How’s the Market: Montreal Sales Going Strong – March 2012

The numbers for March sales are out!. The Montreal Real Estate Board informs us of the tenth consecutive monthly increase. “MLS® sales increased by 4 per cent compared to March 2011, making March 2012 the second best month of March on record, identical to March 2007.”

Sales wise….

Something a little different happened with the property types. Usually it’s the condo market that always has the lead in terms of sales. This time it was the plexes who were at the top, with an increase of 8%. Houses were 5%.Condos were only 2%. A slowdown in condo sales? Not really. These figures are the comparison to those sales of March 2011. So sales are still on top, even if by small percentages.

Prices Continue to Increase

All property types had an increase in their median prices. Here is the breakdown:

  • Condominiums increased by 7% to reach $225,000 (the largest increase since May 2011).
  • Single-family homes grew by 5 % to reach $272,000,
  • Plexes increased by 1% to reach $414,500.


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