Step 5-Strategy and Tactics

Montreal Real Estate Strategy & Tactics for First Time Home Buyers

With so much at stake the uninitiated can be vulnerable to many perils associated with huge financial commitments. Getting professional advice can save thousands of dollars and prevent disappointment and frustration. Peter offers some strategic insights into buying a home as a Montreal first time home buyer.

In one sense, buying Montreal real estate is not much different than buying a car. Sellers will seldom ask the lowest acceptable price, and buyers rarely start by offering their last dollar. The real price – and the real value- of the home usually lies somewhere in the middle of those dollar amounts. How can you influence that middle range so that you pay as little as possible for the home of your dreams? Here are few suggestions:

  • Work with your Montreal real estate agent and make sure you know what the home is      really worth (Peter can help assess value prior to writing any offers)
  • Be clear about what really matters to you (do      you want to risk losing the house just because the owner won’t leave the      dishwasher, for instance)
  • Decide what you must have, now, and what you      can add, later (for example, a walk out basement might be nice, but you      can always finish the space later).

Montreal Real Estate can be Emotional

Buying Montreal real estate can be emotional. Your home can reflect your likes, dislikes, lifestyle and personal taste. A Montreal home can remind you of placement childhood memories or be a statement about your personal ambitions. There is so much to a home that it is important not to be swayed into making a rash emotional considerations.
Everything about a your home except location can be changed, well almost everything. Exterior finishes, interior finishes, appliances, fixtures and kitchen decor can all be altered. It is important to stay focused on the important issues. Walking away from a remarkable opportunity because you dislike a small replaceable aspect of a home is not good business sense. Purchasing a home that will not service your future needs because of a delightful garden or quaint feature is short sighted at best.
A professional Montreal REALTOR® can help you keep your decision making factors above the tug of emotional considerations and focused on the factors that lead to a wise and profitable Montreal real estate buying decision.


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