Home Buyer Mistakes

Peter Rawski is your Montreal First Time Home Buyer SpecialistMontreal first time home buyersare not conscious of the fact that purchasing homes can  have potential enmeshment when it comes to its tedious processes.  Indeed, there are numerous mistakes that home buyers commit and with the  knowledge of these mistakes, it is up to you, the home buyer to avoid  them before it is too late.

Not checking your budget

There is nothing worse than committing to a home acquisition without  knowing the amount of stash you have. In fact, plenty of home buyers  spend tons of time looking for homes and properties without looking into  their financing options. Determining how much you can afford puts you  in a good place to secure the ideal home you want.

Letting your emotions flow

Keep your feelings repressed. A seller can see transparency  especially when you have really fallen in love with the property at  hand. You do not want home sellers and their agents have the upper hand  when it comes to negotiating terms. Once they have perceived that you  really desire for the place, they will pounce on that advantage.

Forgetting to find an agent

As sellers have their real estate agents, so should you, as a home  buyer. Obtaining a mortgage can be tough especially nowadays. You can  depend on experienced and knowledgeable agents to assist you and get  your finances in order. Buyer’s agents work exclusively for the buyer. This way, buyer’s  agents take into account the best interests of their clients, the home  buyers. You can find reputable agents through the Internet, read their  profiles, and ask questions. Or you can ask friends and your relatives  if they can recommend you one. Know the service that they can provide so  you can be assured that you have secured the proper agent that would  suit your needs.

Neglecting property taxes, condo fees and utility costs

In every home purchase, the home price is just icing on the cake.  There are still expenses that you should take into consideration like  property taxes. They can escalate as the time passes so you should have a  budget for that. If you are buying a condo, there are condo fees and doj’t forget about utility costs.

Skipping a home inspection

Prior to signing off a deal, employ the services of a professional  home inspector. Usually, many home buyers tend to be negligent in this  home buying process. Besides, a seller will keep hush the possible  defects of a home to obtain a fast purchase. Also, these home inspectors  should be entirely independent of the seller to avoid conflicts of  interest. – There are many professional home inspection companies to choose from, do your research to find the one that best suits your needs.

Rushing to purchase a home

Some home buyers rush into things way too fast. To do this, they  overextend their credits and take for granted the processes that come  with appreciating the home’s value. As a home buyer, you need to display  an ounce of patience since not everything comes on a silver platter.

Overlooking to include contract conditions

Every agreement made between a seller and a buyer is put down into  paper to assure its legal integrity. However, some buyers fail to  propose conditions just in case there is something that does not work out quite as planned. Indeed, a contractual condition protects home  buyers. Should a mortgage loan fall through or if you have changed your mind due to  inconsistencies in home inspection results, you can refund your money as long as conditions were written into the offer.


Peter Rawski is your Montreal First Time Home Buyer Specialist

It takes passion and expertise to have been a full time Montreal Realtor®. During that time I have been lucky enough to have assisted many first time home buyers while they realize their Calgary real estate dreams and goals. I have always  enjoyed working with first time home buyers and it has always been one of my favorite parts of my career. Through their eyes I get to watch  an important milestone step in each clients lives.  I treat each client with as much detail and care to ensure that their first home or condo they purchase is not only the right home for now, but the right home to fit them over the next years to come. I always try to put myself in my clients “shoes” or situation and determine with my experience, which path is the best for that client with their needs, income and lifestyle. I believe in an honest and direct approach to all my Montreal real estate transactions, so if you are looking for a Montreal real estate agent to look out for your best interests and provide honest and experienced advice, than you have found the right real estate agent for you. Our philosophy is simple, we will never sell you a property that we would not buy or live in ourselves, so invest in your real estate future and utilize the services of a proven professional.

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