Home Staging Price

Home Staging Price

Now for that all important question – what is the Home Staging price?

I would like to let you know that I don’t think of Home Staging as a cost, but rather as a necessary investment to make your house show at its best. That investment will be recouped and you will gain much more at the sale!

Think about this: when you sell a used car, chances are you would vacuum and clean it and maybe fix a noisy muffler, as you know that you’ll be getting more money for it, if the car looks and sounds good. When you go for a job interview, you will (hopefully) shower and dress your best, as you know that the first impression will be very important.

So, why wouldn’t you apply the same logic to your house, which is the probably the BIGGEST FINANCIAL INVESTMENT you’ve made? Shouldn’t your house look its best, so you can get MORE money for it?

The actual Home Staging price will depend on your individual needs. At the minimum, you should invest in a professional Home Staging consultation, which will take 2-3 hours and will cost around $300 CAN you’ll know exactly what needs to be done to get the most value out of your property. It’s worth it!

We recommend the STAGE TO SELL package, which includes the initial consultation, a color selection, establishing budget and priorities, supervising the execution of the prep work and the final, actual staging (space optimization and creating ambiance). This package is $650 CAN for lived in homes and $795 CAN for vacant homes.

Don’t forget to budget some money for the preparation work which will need to get done – in most cases, some painting, changing light fixtures and minor repairs will suffice.

On average, the total Home Staging price will revolve around 1%-1,5% of the property market price. It’s just a guideline, though, as each situation is different!


Finally, if the property is vacant, we need to furnish the main rooms with borrowed or rented furniture and accessories. The exact quote will be provided for each case, but, on average, a monthly rental could be between $500 and $1,000 CAN.

A professional Home Stager can help you SAVE money by working with what you already possess as much as possible.

One last reminder: don’t just look at the COST of the Home Staging services, look at all the factors, such as sale time, sale price, reduction of possible hidden costs (mortgage, insurance, heat, etc) and stress reduction!

To discuss your needs and receive a personal quote, please contact us and we’ll be happy to establish the best solution for you.


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