Buy Me! Top 10 Real Estate Tips

Buy Me! Top 10 Real Estate Tips

Before you put your home on the market, take heed of these 10 valuable tips from the producers of HGTV’s Buy Me.

1. Interview several agents before making your final choice.


2. Know your rights and obligations. Have your realtor explain the contract in detail or have a lawyer look at it with you.


3. Always base your price on market value rather than needs or emotions.


4. If the agent suggests your home needs some TLC, do the required fix-ups.


5. Make sure the agent is taking out advertisements to promote your property.


6. First impressions are important. Use attractive photos to advertise the listing.


7. Your house must have curb appeal. Make sure the outside is as attractive as the inside.


8. Keep your house clean and de-clutter before every open house and visit.


9. If the house isn’t selling, think about lowering the price. A house that sits too long on the market raises suspicion for buyers.


10. Take the first offer seriously. It’s often the best.



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