Since most of your potential buyers will find your property online, professional photographs are essential. To make the best use of the limited time a photographer has on location, you should help him by preparing your home properly for the photo shoot.

The reward? Beautiful photos, that will draw the attention of a crowd of buyers.


Living Rooms

Tidy up the room by removing any clutter, including TV remotes, magazines and newspapers. Hide or remove any loose wires (from TV antennas, speakers, other appliances) hanging from a wall or a table. Straighten any folded over carpets, remove any dead or dying flowers, and put children’s toys out of sight.


Remove any small appliances, cups, crockery or other distractions from the kitchen surfaces (benchtops or tables). Take everything off the fridge door (magnets, notes) and wipe it down. Clean the kitchen, including sinks, oven, microwave or any other large visible appliances. Hide rubbish bins, kitchen towels / aprons and any hanging electrical cords. Place a colorful fruit bowl on the table, to make it look inviting.



Clear all small objects or anything that looks messy. Hide toothpaste tubes, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, soaps, perfume bottles, magazines, etc. Clean the bathroom, including toilet, shower cabin, mirrors and benches. Pick clothes off the floor, fold the towels and place them on the side of the bath or on towel rails.


Dining Room

Remove any clutter and hide any electrical cords. If possible set the dining table, preferably with white plates and good cutlery.



Change any creased or torn bedclothes, make sure the beds are made and sheets are tucked or nicely folded. Leave no clothes, towels or slippers on the floor. Remove any personal items such as medicines or spectacles from the bedside tables. Fill glasses next to the bed with water.


Outside Area

Park the cars on the street so that they won’t block the view of your house. Mow the lawn in the front and back yards and remove any rubbish. Put away garden tools, hosepipes and children’s toys.



All the rooms, front, and back yards should be clean and free of clutter. Before the photographer arrives open all the curtains and turn on all the lights. Good Luck !


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