Real Estate Broker, our profession to defend!

peter rawski real estate brokerReal Estate Broker, our profession to defend!

Every day, of every week, of every month, of every year, we are obligated to work harder and wiser to protect our professional assets.  Being a realtor often consists of convincing others of our value (or worth), and defending our business model.  More than ever before, our efforts must be supported in the marketplace!  No longer must we be left to single handedly to defend our value and expertise to the greater public.

The GMREB, our business association, must have as a primary and sole obsession to speak on our behalf and to promote our expertise.  This need has many times over been expressed by many of us, yet left unheard.  To achieve the desired result, to fulfill it’s mission, the GMREB’s board of directors must tune in and listen to real estate broker’s needs, especially that of defending our market shares and trademark image.  The time has come to change the administration model from a ‘’daddy know’s best’’ directive, enforcement model to an interactive, collaboration and unifying approach.

The mandate of the OACIQ is to protect the public, that of the GMREB is to protect it’s brokers!

More than ever, consumers freely admit to using our services because of our competencies and knowledge.  Of that we must be proud!

Different surveys undertaken since 2007 reveal that our expertise and skill are the main reason for consumers entrusting us with the purchase or sale of a property.  Between 2007 and 2011, statistics demonstrate that this motive for entrusting their greatest financial asset to us is increasing.

In December 2011, 84% of consumers having dealt with a real estate professional expressed their satisfaction of our services.  We must be proud of this fact and express it out loud!

However, unregulated competition is on the rise.  In certain areas, FSBO’s now represent almost one third of the properties for sale.  This situation must be addressed now!

No longer can we afford to sit around and watch our market shares continue to melt like snow in the sun.  We advocate a vision based on asserting our value, dedication and results!  We advocate a vision based on the security and expertise that we, as real estate professionals, bring to any real estate transaction!

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