You want to purchase a property in Montreal

You’ve decided to purchase a property in Montreal.

So you’ve decided to purchase a property in Montreal. By now you’re probably browsing every website for the “perfect home”. But have you taken a real look of the elements needed before buying a home?

There are several factors to consider before entering the market: down payment and financing, the type of properties that meets your needs, areas that fits your lifestyle, and very importantly: a property that meets all of the above criteria and stays within your budget!

There’s one more thing to factor in: Getting your own representative… Why you should consider getting your own buyer’s agent?

Here are the top 4 reasons:

It could save you money: A buyer’s broker works diligently in researching the property to detect any problems or issues that could influence your decision in purchasing the property. Your broker will also provide you with all the necessary information before making an offer, to ensure you are not overpaying.

The listing (Sellers) broker/agent works for the seller, not for you:Listing broker have a legal obligation to only represent the seller’s interests and have no obligation to yours. Their responsibility is to sell the property for the highest possible price. A Buyer’s Broker has an obligation towards you, in finding the best selection of homes that fits your needs and within your budget.

Negotiating the best possible price for you: When arriving to the negotiation time, it is absolutely essential for you to have your own Buyer’s Broker. As your representative, a Buyer’s Broker will negotiate on your behalf with a commitment to protect your best interests, and keep your personal and financial position confidential.

The services are FREE for home buyers: The listing (seller’s) broker pays the buyer’s broker’s commission, so for buyers this is a fantastic opportunity: you get professional representation and your own negotiator, at no extra cost!

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