Design Tips to Last For First-Time Homeowners

Rawski Design Tips to Last For First-Time Homeowners

Moving into a new house can be an overwhelming experience, especially if your dream home initially seems more like a nightmare. But take heart! These simple but powerful decorating tips will open up your minds to fresh possibilities which can significantly upgrade the comfort level, home aesthetics and the market potential of your property.

Think focus
The sofa in the living room, the bed in the bedroom, the desk in the office. While choosing home furnishings, the major piece for any room must be considered first. This piece in most cases becomes the focal point of the room. For instance, a long empty wall can be made into a focal point by grouping pictures over a long narrow table. Your focal point can be almost anything – a fireplace, a painting, and an entertainment center. By having a focal point, you can beautify and emphasis on the focal point and give your room a sense of constancy.

Think balance
Large pieces of furniture should be evenly distributed so as not to put the room off balance. Leave room around them for the best affect. In selecting home furnishing pieces, keep the architectural shapes in the room in mind. Try to balance pieces opposite one another.

Think light
Be conscious of the light in the room when selecting and placing your home furnishings. A dark cabinet may disappear in a dimly lighted alcove. Bright pieces may seem garish under a picture window. Break up the horizontal lines of the room by mixing in taller items.

Think practical
Think about the use of the room as you place the home furnishings. If you typically eat or drink there, is there a place to set your cup or plate down? Is there enough storage for books or CDs? Mix hard and soft surfaces by adding rugs or fabric- covered tables to a room otherwise filled with wood, metal and stone.

Think colours
Once you have decided on a colour scheme, bring your samples home. Look at them at different times of the day, and in both natural and incandescent light. Keep in mind that darker colours will tend to fade over time more than lighter ones. Be sure to take into consideration any existing home furnishings pieces that will remain in the room as well as the various wood finishes present.

Think coordination
Aim for coordinating elements in the home. Many of today’s wall covering sample books feature a whole range of coordinating home-style products, such as borders, fabrics, comforters, pillow shams, place mats, table rounds, and shower curtains. By selecting a specific collection that features these products, you can put together a whole unified interior decorating package for a comparatively low cost.

Happy decorating!

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