Rawski & Real Estate

A Simple Goal

With customer service suffering in our industry as well as others, it has become Rawski’s #1 goal. As a result, he constantly strives to provide superior customer service and satisfaction. Selling and buying real estate is perhaps one of the largest decisions we will make in our lifetimes. Being a homeowner himself as well as property investor in Canada allows Rawski to understand the emotional rollercoaster we may endure during this time. He wants to help in any way he can to ease the sometimes difficult and stressful process. Rawski’s past clients have enjoyed their home-buying experiences, and his wish is that you too will take pleasure in your home-buying or selling experience.

Giving Back to the Community

For years Peter has been a major contributor to Montreal Ukrainian and Polish community  – annual Ukrainian and Polish Festival’s. Besides monetary contributions, Peter also volunteers at other organizations throughout Ontario and Quebec. “Thanks to Peter’s generosity, Montreal Ukrainian Festival is the second largest Ukrainian Festival in Canada, allowing us to celebrate our culture in the city of Montreal each year.” – Anna Skrypka

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