Benefits of Buying Brand New

Benefits of Buying Brand New

Although the resale condo market is going strong, it seems there is also no end to the new building developments cropping up all over Canadian cities. One of the main benefits of buying a condo in the development stage is choice. Most savvy developers offer potential owners the opportunity to have a hand in the design, layout and decoration of their unit. This means sumptuous upgrades are always on offer. Sure, standard fixtures are cheaper and function just fine—but sometimes a custom upgrade is worth the splurge, especially when it comes to resale value, which is something every condo purchaser should have on the brain. Plus, it’s always cheaper to choose an upgrade and benefit from the wholesale prices developers are generally privy to, rather then choose to remodel your condo or townhouse at full price later.

Here are some fantastic upgrade options guaranteed to pay off in the end:

  • Granite countertops
  • Custom cabinetry
  • Recessed lights
  • Kitchen islands
  • Hardwood floors
  • Marble entranceways
  • Jacuzzi or soaker tubs
  • Luxury showerheads
  • Gas fireplaces
  • Courtyard-style terraces, bricked with interlocking stone
  • Built-in speakers or preinstalled wiring
  • High-quality carpeting; By Marissa Ponikowski

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